Wrappin’ Up 2014

Wrappin’ Up 2014

Hello hello!

2014 is drawing close to an end, making it a good time to take a look back on this year. It has been a great year for us, with many changes and surprises along the way!..

…We brought a brand new look to our BonAppetour website, going from this…

to our current look

…Exciting new features have also popped up on our site, like the “Explore” section, bringing you the best cities around the world to enjoy local dining experiences.

…We breathed new life into our BonAppetour blog, moving it from Tumblr to our site, and giving it a revamp.

New faces also appeared in our BonAppetour office this year (we’re now a team of five smiley people! : D). Along with bringing in new faces, we also decided to branch out to Italy early next year – wheee! If you reside there and are interested in joining us as a BonAppetour Ambassador, you are very welcome to drop us a message at info[at]bonappetour.com for a meet up!

Come January next year, some of us from the team will be embarking off to Europe, working hard to bring you new dining experiences and destinations. We’ll be meeting up with hosts and building up our BonAppetour community in the European region.

Rome, Milan, Florence, Barcelona, London, Paris and Brussels (and perhaps more) are on our list, so if you are in these cities (lucky you!), and happen to be an irrepressible lover of food and travel, do drop us a mail to get in touch, because we’d love to meet up!

…and these experiences pretty much sums up our awesome year.

We enjoyed 2014 very much, and hope your year has been as good as ours. Exciting times lie ahead in 2015, and we hope to have you be a part of it by joining us in our BonAppetour journey!


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