Coffee, Cake and a Chat : Invitation to Parisians

Coffee, Cake and a Chat : Invitation to Parisians

Here at BonAppetour we were deeply saddened to hear the news about Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris. We have many hosts and team members working in and around the affected area who were (thankfully) not hurt, so these events really hit home. Our sympathies lay with the friends and families of the victims, the world is thinking of you. 

We understand that at a time like this people need to grieve and talk about the what has happened. Bernadette, one of our hosts, is reaching out to the families of the victims. She has told us, in her own words

"I would like in some small way to do something for the families of the victims and would like to welcome them chez moi for tea/coffee and cupcakes/cookies, of course this will be at no charge.  My apartment is located on Blvd Richard Lenoir – a 10 minute walk from the Bataclan site. If you are in this area don't hesitate to contact BonAppetour's Paris Community Manager here: [email protected] to make arrangements."

We would like to open this invitation up to the families of those directly affected by the attacks in Paris, who just need a chat and to find themselves amongst friends.

Join us today between 18:30 – 20:30, email abby@bonappetour for the exact address. Future dates are to be confirmed.


Fluctuat nec mergitur


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BonAppetour Launch in Barcelona

BonAppetour Launch in Barcelona

BonAppetour, es una plataforma global que permite a los viajeros disfrutar de una experiencia gastronómica exclusiva y en privado en hogares de personas residentes en las ciudades que visitan.

Ya se trate de una cena con amigos en una acogedora terraza en Roma, o una cena en casa de uno de los concursantes de Top Chef Concursante en París, o bien una fiesta tradicional con una familia residente en Singapur, cualquiera de estas opciones se puede convertir en inolvidable experiencia gastronómica. ¡BonAppetour está a punto de ponerse en marcha en Barcelona!

 ¿Quieres ser uno de nuestros anfitriones de BonAppetour en Barcelona?

BonAppetour está buscando anfitriones en Barcelona, que pueden mostrar los turistas, lo que la ciudad tiene que ofrecer de su increíble cultura y gastronomía. Muéstranos tu creatividad y haznos saber qué experiencia gastronómica te gustaría compartir con personas de todo el mundo.

Be a BonAppetour Host in Barcelona

Los Co-Fundadores de BonAppetour estarán en Barcelona del 8 al 14 de octubre y estarán encantados de conocerte en persona durante los días 8, 9, 10, 11 y 12 de octubre, para compartir contigo nuestro proyecto y darte la bienvenida a la comunidad. Además podrás disfrutar de servicios exclusivos si eres uno de nuestros primeros anfitriones en Barcelona:

  • con el pack de bienvenida BonAppetour,
  • como una sesión fotográfica gratuita y
  • asistencia personalizada para mejorar tu perfil. 

¡Reserva aquí una fecha para que podamos visitarte! 

Además, te invitamos a participar en nuestra fiesta de presentación el próximo 13 de octubre en Ma Que Bontà. En el evento podrás conocer a otros miembros de la comunidad y pasar una noche donde podrás conocer nuevos amigos, disfrutar de la buena comida y divertirte!
¡Inscríbete ahora, quedan pocas plazas!

BonAppetour is a global platform that lets travelers have the chance to taste authentic local cuisines, and feel the local culture and hospitality, by dining at homes of locals, whenever they travel. Be it a dinner with new friends on a terrace in Rome, or dining at the home of a Top Chef Contestant in Paris, or a traditional banana leaf feast with a local family in Singapore, a memorable dining experience is in store. Now, BonAppetour is launching in Barcelona!

 Want to be one of our hosts at BonAppetour Barcelona?

BonAppetour is looking for hosts in Barcelona, that can show tourists, what the city has to offer- both culinary, and culture. Show us your creativity and let us know what dining experience that you would love to share with people from all over the world.

Be a BonAppetour Host in Barcelona

The BonAppetour co-founders will be in Barcelona from October 8th-14th, and would love to meet you in person to share more about the project, and welcome you into the community. Also, get exclusive services as our first hosts in Barcelona with:

  • a complementary BonAppetour Welcome Pack,
  • free photography services,
  • and special marketing assistance.


Also, you are invited to join our launch party on October 13 in Ma Que Bontà. Meet fellow members of the community and have a great evening filled with new friends, great food, and fun!Sign up now, as there are only few places are left!


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BonAppetour’s Summer Polaroid Giveaway!

BonAppetour's Summer Polaroid Giveaway!

A beautiful postcard that has travelled miles across the world serves as a beautiful souvenir, don't you think? 

If you have answered 'yes!' to the question above, make sure you participate in our Summer Polaroid Giveaway!

This summer, we are inviting our BonAppetour community to drop us their favourite photographs taken during their travels abroad. What we will do is this – print out your images as a polaroid postcard, and mail it to your friends and families back home! 

How it works: 
Step 1: Select your favorite picture captured during your travels (be it a selfie, scenery, etc.) 
Step 2: Fill up and submit the picture to us in this form.
Step 3: Tag 3 friends in the comment section of this Facebook post.
Step 4: Your picture will be air-mailed to your loved ones back home.

Each day, a lucky winner stands a chance to win a BonAppetour dining voucher*!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your travel shots and send one over to us now!

*Each BonAppetour voucher entitles the holder to a free BonAppetour dining experience with any host of their choice. 


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What Would Happen if Jon Snow Came to a BonAppetour Dinner Party?

What Would Happen if Jon Snow Came to a BonAppetour Dinner Party?

The news is out – if you want to avoid a dinner party disaster, please keep Jon Snow out of your guest list. Tried and tested by Seth Meyers of Late Night, the dinner party was filled with an array of silent pauses and awkward glances. More than once, Meyers had to pull Snow politely aside to instil a short crash course on how to make friendly banter with his dinner party guests. 

He might not have been the friendliest guest at Meyers' dinner party, but we like to keep our faith in the good of people. The dreamy Snow, with his chiselled features and tousled locks, cannot always be a terrible dinner guest…particularly not when he is feasting with the charming hosts of a BonAppetour dinner party!  

Inviting Jon Snow to a BonAppetour Dinner Party

With our bevy of genial and hospitable hosts in Italy, we are quite certain that the evening would not turn out to be a complete disaster, despite the myriad of warnings cautioning that the surly and taciturn Jon Snow makes for a terrible dinner party guest.

We cannot deny that it will present quite a challenge, for our hosts will be walking a tight rope when it comes to steering the flow of conversation. Judging by how Meyers' dinner party went, we advise the following: avoid discussions about the season (unless you want to be told in a deadpan manner that "winter is coming"), and do not make small talk about family. Questions about one's living location are fine, but only if you are well-versed in the geographical locations of the medieval Seven Kingdoms. If all topic starters fail, mildly suggest playing a game of charades. 

There is one comforting thought – we are quite sure that the array of Italian delicacies prepared by our hosts, such as crisp pizzas and classic Roman delights, will please Snow's palate, even if he is accustomed to a medieval diet. 

Dinner Party in the Tropics

Alternatively, what if we were to invite Jon Snow to a dinner party in the tropics, right smack in the bustling hub of Singapore

We cannot quite imagine the well-built man feasting on local favourites – the sight of Snow tearing apart a prata with his leather gloved hands is quite an unimaginable thought. If we had to recommend a dining experience, we would suggest a signature local dish, chilli crabs, or a hearty serving of nasi tumpeng.

However, we can foresee a difficulty that is likely to arise. Would the man be able to survive the sweltering heat of Singapore? We do not think this is likely, particularly when he is cloaked under a thick fur coat meant to ward off the freezing cold. Well, we like to keep some back-up plans in store in cases of emergencies – if Snow ends up sufferring from a case of heat-induced appetite loss, perhaps a dainty session of English Hi-Tea might do…

Image Credits: Geek Tyrant, Ew

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