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5 Amazing Singaporean dishes that expats love

You’ve probably heard that Singapore’s mainly known for one thing – food. And Singaporeans have cultivated a very distinct local taste, favourite foods that are clear winners in our hearts. But what do outsiders think of our food? Which are their favourites? We’ve surveyed 20 well-travelled foodie expats living in Singapore and asked them which […]

5 Tips for you to get more bookings on BonAppetour

Based on our tests, we discovered that our most successful hosts do these FIVE things that bring them more reviews & bookings from customers. As you are a part of our Super-Host Community, we want to help you build your business, and are sharing these tips with you today. 1.Show the guests you are a […]

The Best Way to Learn About Any Local Culture When Traveling

‘Food is the simplest way for me to learn about another culture,’ says Andrew Zimmern, host of the widely popular TV program Bizarre Foods. “Share a meal with folks and it will change your life, as you see what real people are thinking and feeling.” Uncovering history through food Bite into the arancini, and you’ll […]