5 Tips for you to get more bookings on BonAppetour

Based on our tests, we discovered that our most successful hosts do these FIVE things that bring them more reviews & bookings from customers. As you are a part of our Super-Host Community, we want to help you build your business, and are sharing these tips with you today.

1.Show the guests you are a Verified host by wearing the BonAppetour apron during the experience

Wearing the BonAppetour apron symbolizes to guests that you are a “verified” host of the community, one who has passed all the verification criteria, and thus creates a sense of trust for you.

2. Give guests a brief introduction when they come in
It is always a great ice-breaker to give an introduction to guests when they arrive. We advise you to mention the following points during your introduction:

  • Introduce yourself and your co-host (if any). You can tell your names, what you do for a living, how many years you have been cooking since, some of your speciality dishes, your favourite thing about your city.
  • Tell them about how many times you have hosted on BonAppetour previously, and that we are in many cities – so that they can book on BonAppetour if they are traveling to another city next time.
  • Go through the menu for the evening briefly, and the inspiration behind putting together that meal – for example, if there are any seasonal ingredients etc.
  • Tell them that they are welcome to take pictures of the food & home, and share it on social media with the #bonappetour. (some guests may feel shy about taking pictures inside a home). We are rewarding every guest who posts a photo with #bonappetour with a $20 BonAppetour credit – and this will help give your experience more publicity!

You can say something like this:

“Hi Jane and Tom, welcome to our place! I am Mary, and this is my partner Jack, and we’re so happy that you’ve decided to spend your vacation with us. I have been cooking Italian food ever since I was a child. I learnt it from my grandmother……

I’ve been with BonAppetour for about 5 years already, and have hosted so many travelers from around the world. BonAppetour is actually in many cities around the world, mainly in Europe & Asia, so if you’re going there, you can browse their website for more food experiences.

I’ll be serving you an autumn inspired menu tonight, with 5 courses – A, B, C, D, & E.”

3. Feel free to take as many pictures of the food. You can share it on Facebook/Instagram with the #bonappetour – that way, we can also find your pictures there!

4. Remind your guests to leave you a review at the end of the experience

Reviews are the most important factor that new guests consider before booking the experience. Please ask guests to leave a review for you, on our TripAdvisor page, mentioning your name. You can ask for a review in a friendly way – something like this:

“Thanks so much for coming for our dining experience tonight. BonAppetour will be sending you an email to leave us a review on their Tripadvisor page, and it would be really great if you could leave us a positive review if you enjoyed the experience with us? This can help us share our food with more guests from around the world.”

5. Take a group picture during or at the end of your experience

With the group picture, we can help you to feature it on our social media channels – bringing you even more publicity. We will also be emailing the guests this group photo – to remind them to leave you a review – so this will serve as a great memory about the amazing dinner they had with you.

Post the photos on social media and tag us with #bonappetour.

Remember to take photos during the experience – whether it is with the guests, or of the food that you have cooked. You can also post the photos that you took on your own social media channels and #bonappetour

Facebook: BonAppetour

Twitter: @BonAppetour

Instagram: @bonappetour_official

If you have any ideas or questions about the tips above, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Bon Appetit!