Women Travellers: Travel Tips

Women Travellers: Travel Tips

Traveling with a group of girlfriends is the best feeling ever. Imagine running for buses and strolling through the designer streets of Italy. Everything can be fun but don’t forget to plan well and learn some tips for group travel! 

Here’s 5 basic tips for women travelling:

1. Save Emergency Contacts

In any situation and in any country, keep yourselves informed of the emergency contacts. It’s something really simple and important, yet neglected by most travellers. Here’s a list of contacts that may come in handy for you when you plan your trip with your friends! 

2. Don't Be Shy

Even though you may be travelling as a group, but don’t be shy. Speaking with other travellers or the locals is a great way to get some interesting travel tips. Hostels are a great way to meet new travellers, so make it a point to hang out at the lounge areas or the bar with your fellow hostel mates. Where possible, ask the locals for recommendations on where are the good places to eat, or which area of the neighbourhood should you go to. The receptionists at your hostel/hotel, your Airbnb hosts, the owner of the sandwich shop at the corner of the street or event the bartender at a nearby bar would definitely have some great tips. 

Immersive cultural experiences 

Make it a point to immerse yourself in cultural activites happening in that city. Food or street festivals like the Carivale in Venice or the San Giovanni festivals around Italy are occasions where the locals come out to celebrate, and joining in the celebrations can make you feel like a part of the city. Be careful of the large crowds though – and stick close together with your group. Apart from major festivals happening while you are there, try out dining with locals at their homes instead. Being invited to a dinner party at a local home is one of the most intimate ways of experiencing life from a local perspective, and of course, a great way to feast on local cuisines with your girlfriends as well. 

3. Do the Walking Tours

Italy may be a little huge and intimidating for some travellers, especially when you could have heard about the occurrences of con men/women that may be waiting for the perfect opportunity. But fear not, instead of joining a huge tour group that you may be stuck with the entire duration of your trip, you can always join the walking tours. Walking tours let you kill two birds with one stone, and it’s much safer, even for group of women. 

4. Manicures

Something that is second to shopping, girls always look out for beauty salon. Manicures are famous and prevalent in Italy, especially in Florence. Perhaps you might have heard of the horror stories about getting your nails done in Italy, where there are chances of ending up with bloody cuticles. But fear not, there are places in Florence, Italy that serve customers well and leave you satisfied with perfect nails! Istituto di Bellezza Genny brings you a soothing and relaxing manicure! 

5. Shopping

Chain Stores and Mainstream Shopping in Rome
Via del Corso, and the streets that radiate from it, is the most obvious shopping area. The mile-long street which runs from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo has a range of afforadble shops, including the Ferrari flagship store, numerous shoe stores, popular fashion brands like Diesel and Benetton.

Going out with a group of girls, this is something that can never be missed out. Yes, it’s shopping! Here’s a list of areas to shop, from high end to mainsteam to flea markets in Rome.

Looking for High Fashion in Rome?

Some of the biggest names in Italian fashion – Fendi, Valentino, Bulgari – hail from Rome and you will find their flagship stores, as well as boutiques by Prada, Armani, Versace, Ferragamo, Cavalli, Gucci, and many others, along the grid of streets near the Spanish Steps

Flea Markets
There are several good outdoor markets, flea markets, and places to buy antiques in Rome. Porta Portese, which operates on Sundays from 7am until 1pm, is the most important flea market in Rome and is one of the largest flea markets in Europe. At Porta Portese, you’ll find everything from antique housewares to secondhand clothing and music to original art, jewelry, posters, furniture, etc. It is the perfect place to find random trinkets with your friends and bring them all home!

Image credits: Backroads, Fleamarketinsiders, Newswire, Dailymail.co.uk, Blogthecoverage

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