Honeymooners: Romantic Things to do on Holiday

Honeymooners: Romantic Things to do on Holiday

"Travel brings power and love back into your life."

Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, once said that travelling and romance are never two separate entities. When you’re on your honeymoon, don’t give up the chance to travel and relax with your spouse. See the world, and understand the simple bliss in marriage and life.

Here are 5 romantic things that you can do on a holiday with your spouse:


This may sound a little tad cheesy, but have you ever actually got up early to watch the sun rise? Taking your honeymoon as the opportunity to do this will make it even more of a special experience. Remember to pack some food and wine before heading over to a beach. Or, you can always catch the beautiful golden sunrise from the Zattere to the Giudecca Canal. Watch as the sun colours the sky in tinges of vermillion and yellow when the day begins. The waters will amaze you when they turn from light blue to pale orange. Don’t miss this chance to watch the sun rise! 


What better excuse to enjoy the finer things in life than your honeymoon? Why not pamper yourselves with a meal in the classiest restaurant you can find? There are tons of fine dining restaurants that are have quiet music and a soft ambience in which you can enjoy a peaceful meal with your other half. Italy is filled with romantic restaurants available for dining. Amore restaurant near the Trevi fountain in Rome may just be the perfect place for you! “A Little Rome Romance” is what they pride themselves with. 


Sounds ridiculous? Ordering room service can actually be a small highlight of your trip. Imagine just lazing in the comfort and warmth of your blankets, with a pipping hot meal before you. It’s splendid. You can catch the morning news or watch some TV whilst spending quality time with your other half. You may just fulfil everyone’s dream of breakfast in bed!


Picnics are cliche in every sense, but they can be the most romantic thing to do if you’re filled with nothing but greenery and beautiful floras beneath a clear blue sky. Pack more sandwiches and a bottle of champagne and head down to the nearest park! If not there are plenty of beautiful parks in Europe that may just be the right place for you. Here’s a list of beautiful parks for you. 


Perhaps you can take an interesting turn in your choice for romantic things during your honeymoon. Cooking together can be one of the most intimate ways of bonding with your partner, and taking a private cooking class together can allow the two of you to be creative together and learn about each other's strengths. Private cooking classes do not have to cost a bomb with our BonAppetour hosts. Simona, our host in Rome, organises cooking classes where you can customise the menu together, cook and then dine together. There is a joy in creating something, and food is one of the best ways of creating, and that is all the better when you have an experienced chef to guide you along! Do consider making your honeymoon interesting and unique, different from mainstream romance. 

Start planning your honeymoon today and bring romance to the next level! 

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Image credits: Allisondavisphotography, Touradvisers

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