Travellers Tips: How to Eat on a Budget in Europe

Travellers Tips: How to Eat on a Budget in Europe

Dining on the cheap does not have to be a stretch for budget travellers in Europe, for the region presents an array of inexpensive dining options. 

Here's how you can be a money-savvy foodie during your sojourns: 

  • Do Your Food Shopping at Bakeries and Sandwich Shops

Bakeries and sandwich shops are great spots to grab a quick and cheap meal for your breakfast and lunch. In most stores, you will find an array of sandwiches, pizzas and local eats commonly consumed within the region. For example, you are likely to come across a wide selection of croque-monsieur sandwiches in France, or chance upon an array of pizzas and pastas in Italy. If in doubt, just follow the lunch crowds, and they are likely to lead you to an eatery that offers hearty bites at affordable prices.  

  • Cook Your Own Meals

Rent an apartment or reside in a guesthouse that provides cooking facilities. In this manner, you can whip up a feast of delights at a fraction of the price that you would be paying if you dine in a restaurant. 

The search for fresh ingredients to make your meal is not a difficult one, for Europe is home to a wide array of outdoor markets. Exploring these markets will be a joy for foodies, for the market is often buzzing with a vibrant vibe, filled with a myriad of cheerful colours, lively chatter and diverse tastes. Travellers are likely to find a variety of fresh produce, as well as freshly-baked breads, cheeses and spreads – items perfect for a satisfying breakfast or a delicious picnic lunch outdoors. 

  • Savour the Unique Flavours of Street Eats

Mhmmm street food!

Apart from being cheap eats, street food also allows travellers to savour local flavours that are unique to each country. During their sojourns, Europe travellers will find a multitude of stores selling crisp pizzas in Italy, flavourful souvlaki in Greece, piping hot crepes in France and tasty bratwurst in Germany. You cannot go wrong by following the crowds – be sure to make a beeline for stalls with a lively buzz and a queue snaking around it. 

  • Restaurants: Dine Where the Locals Eat

Make each and every meal at a restaurant count by getting the best bang for your bucks when you dine outdoors. The key to doing so is to follow the locals. Make your way to off-the-beaten-track joints that are not frequented by tourists. Venture a few streets away from tourist attractions, or explore the streets close to residential neighbourhoods, and you are likely to find a selection of restaurants that the locals head to. 

In most instances, the menu is a good indicator – restaurants with menus written in multiple languages are likely to be touristy joints that you would want to avoid. 

  • Eat with the Locals

Eating can offer a unqiue travel experience of its own…particularly when you are eating with the locals, in the comforts of their cosy homes! 

These fun-filled experiences do not cost an arm and leg. We have a handpicked selection of budget-friendly dining experiences listed below:  

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese with Giorgia

An Original Taste of Italy with Giorgia

Tasty Crescentine with Giorgia

A Traditional Dinner with Andrea

Savour Tuscan Flavours with Lilia

International Breakfast with Emma

A Picnic by the Sea with Francesca

A Hearty Breakfast with Cristina

All-You-Can-Buffet with Cristina

Eat What You Like with Magherita

Asian Fusion Flavours with Poom

Mediterranean Magnificence with Steven

Brazilian Delights with Erika

Swiss Fondue with Erika

Image credits: Flickr, La Pensione Hotel, Land of Travel

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