Tips for Summer Vacation

Tips for Summer Vacation

Summer time is perhaps the best time to travel given the longer daylight hours and abundance of sunshine. With the prospect of packing more activities in a day during your vacation, you are likely to spend much of your time on the go when you travel in summer.

As you prepare for your summer vacation, be sure to note the following tips so that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable time!

1. Purchase tickets to attractions early

Summer is the peak travel season and iconic attractions will be brimming with visitors. If you want to beat the queues, purchase tickets to the attractions that you would like to visit before you arrive at your destination. Not all attractions allow you to purchase tickets in advance but if it is possible to do so online, do make use of that opportunity. You will save time and be able to cover more attractions in a day. 

2. Stay Hydrated

The sweltering heat can get unbearable, particularly in countries around the Mediterranean and you can expect to perspire as you spend more time outdoors. While water bottles are not difficult to find in most cities, those that you find around tourist attractions tend to be overpriced. You will be better off bringing your own bottle or getting one in a supermarket. Some countries such as Italy have water fountains around the city so if you find yourself running low on water, you may head to the fountain for a refill.

3. Be aware of opening and closing dates and times

Some attractions are closed on particularly days of the week and they may not necessarily be on the weekend. Before you travel, do go online to check if the attractions that you want to visit are closed on any particular days so that you do not make wasted journeys during your vacation.

4. Dress comfortably 

If you are going to spend a lot of time on the go, it will only be wise for you to dress comfortably. Wear light and breathable fabrics such as cotton and wear light colours such as white or pastels as they reflect heat. Darker colours tend to absorb more heat and will make you feel uncomfortable. Do be mindful that in places of worship, you will need to be appropriately dressed so save the shorts and sleeveless tops for the beach and plan your attire during your travels accordingly. 

5.  Items to bring

Here are some items not to forget when packing for your summer vacation!

– Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the UV rays 

– Hat: If you have to put up with the queues outdoors, you will need a hat to protect your scalp and face from the sun's rays!

– Sunscreen: Enjoy the sunshine but do not neglect your skin. You do not want to return home with sunburns and peeling skin!

– Swimsuit: If you are planning to go to the beach, swimwear will be essential!

– Hand held fan: The heat can get unbearable so for temporary relief, a fan will do the job. A brochure or flyer will work so do not fret if you do not have space in your bag for this.  

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