A Foodie’s Travel Guide to Europe

A Foodie's Travel Guide to Europe

This is a guest post submitted by Christopher from DealsLand UK.

If it is your first time to Europe, you will naturally be really excited and yes of course a little confused too. Why wouldn't you be?! You have so much to do in a short amount of time. You'll want to try out some of the best restaurants in the land, and enjoy every bite without worrying about your budget. It's well-known that Europe can be more than a little expensive, so you should read this guide to find out how you can have your cake and eat it too by following these options to get budget bites in European countries.

Espresso bars in Rome

If you are visiting Rome, have your breakfast just like a Roman. Go to any espresso bar and order some goodies. You will find there cookies, croissants, biscotti as well as some other delicacies. So just take some time in the morning, visit any of these bars, and to be extra Italian be sure to order an espresso along with any of these snacks.

Order your pizza anywhere

The Papa John chain has a number of outlets across Europe. So in case you feel you are missing your slice of pizza, just visit one of the outlets and order one. The pizzas available here are not that costly and moreover you will be able to get a good discount too.  

Street food at Crepe stands in Paris

One of the best ways to enjoy quality cheap food isto indulge in some trendy street food. If you are in Paris and looking for something to fill your stomach after a night out, go for the French staple: Crepes. You will find kiosks for Crepes all over the place. Crepes are something like thin pancakes which is folded and filled with whipped cream, jam or you can go savoury with things like ham…You can put just about anything in them!

In Brussels? Try Belgium waffles

Belgium is known for two things: waffles and chocolate. Trying the former is easy enough as you will find a number of stores making and selling waffles. They are thick and fluffy, loaded on top with whipped cream and fruit. So take a walk around the Grande Place with this best bite in your hand.

How about homely food?

Yes, this is definitely a possibility! You can get a taste of the authentic local food of a place by visiting homes. This has been made possible by BonAppetour. It helps you to connect with the hosts across the different countries of Europe and enjoy food at their place. You will feel satisfied having tasted the amazing food as well as making new friends at a price that is friendly to your wallet!

Try out fish & chips if you are in London

Fish & chips are the staple food of England. You can find chips and fillet of fish seasoned with salt and vinegar around every corner here in London. You can either have them on-the-go or take a seat and enjoy them. It's a great way to enjoy a traditional meal at a low cost

Mulled wine in Prague

There is nothing really amazing like a glass of mulled wine. It is hearty and homely in the winter time and will make your stay in Prague extra Christmassy. You can get this inexpensive drink from a stand at the Christmas Market in Old Town.


Make sure you taste these delicacies and have a happy time in Europe. Let us know your best budget tips for travelling in Europ in the comments below!

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