Travelling to Paris: An Essential Guide

Travelling to Paris: An Essential Guide

When we are planning a trip to any random city across the globe, we often get excited about the pictures or the things we read about that destination. And some cities unfortunately disappoint us once we get there and fail to meet our expectations that we set for ourselves prior to our departure.

Paris is probably one of those cities that never fails to upset, a city that truly lives up to and often exceeds expectations.

Here is an essential guide worth taking a look at when travelling to Paris.

Mingle with the locals

French locals will know all the must-do activities in Paris. “But how do I meet locals in France?” I hear you say.

Well, you could jump into french cooking classes in Paris, or eat with locals in Paris. Food is a great way to bring cultures together, and you will have a wonderful excuse to get a wealth of insider knowledge about the French capital.

Also, contrary to popular belief, most Parisians actually speak English – particularly younger people. But if you do bump into a Parisian that only speaks French, Google translate will always be there for you.

Be the stylish you

Paris, being the fashion capital that it is, the locals there dress very stylishly, hence why it is also important to bring more stylish clothes. Or alternatively, you could just buy all your clothes there.

Slow down and enjoy

When going to the parks to enjoy the Paris sun, bear in mind that they generally do not have any benches, but what they have are chairs which are of course free to use. So go to the nearest pick up point of chairs and get one for yourself, open up your picnic basket, enjoy the afternoon breeze and local chatter in the park.

Music is in the air

Paris is also widely known for its music, from the language, lyrics to the way it is sung, be prepared to join in the throng on the streets of Paris if you happen to visit Paris during one of the major music festivals that take place so often in Paris!

Navigate the maze

There are countless of narrow streets in Paris, it is very easy to get lost, so look out for where you are going at all times! Identify the street you are on by either the name or the corner cafe. If not, Google Maps is another fantastic way to get around.

Shopping heaven

Bring your credit card and make sure you request from your bank that you will be able to purchase items overseas with your card so that you can shop with no worries

Take lots of photos

An art hub and source of inspiration for many artists, there are so many museums which you can visit, so bringing your camera is a must.

Take public transport

Taxis in Paris are infamous. However, to drive a cab in Paris you do not necessarily need to know how to drive properly or know your way around, so I suggest you take the Metro and at the same time experience all the different quirks of taking the metro like a local and the people you will meet there.

Embrace the night

For those of you who have watched Midnight in Paris, you will know that Paris is a city for night owls, so much night life! Be sure not to miss out!

You are now ready to take on Paris! If there are any other tips we have missed out, do let us know in the comments below.

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