Dine like a local in Stockholm

Dine like a local in Stockholm

Dining in Stockholm can be an expensive affair, but the locals do know of eateries that offer the best value for money. Some of these eateries will also not burn a hole in your pocket! 

Here are some eateries the locals in Stockholm love!

1. Bakverket

If bread is a staple forms a staple in your diet, you will love dining at Bakverket. Locals love beginning their day at this cosy cafe, where the aroma of freshly baked bread upon entry. Whether you are looking to have some bread, salads, pastries or yogurt, you can be assured that the food served here is fresh and of excellent quality. Apart from food, the beverages served at Bakverket, be it the coffee, tea or lemonade, are also loved by its patrons so the dining experience at this cafe is certainly not to be missed!

2. Vigarda

Burger-lovers will not want to miss this! Vigarda offers quality burgers at inexpensive prices and the crowd of locals you see is proof of the high standards of food they serve. If you would like accompaniments to your burger, simply get a full meal and you will also get a serving of fries, salad and sauce! Ideal for those craving for looking to grab a quick bite or a healthier yet delicious alternative to fast food. 

3. Citykonditoriet

With stunning interiors, excellent food and a relaxed ambience, you will be surprised to know that prices at Citykonditoriet are actually very reasonable. Serving top quality and traditional Swedish fare at an affordable price, it is little wonder that locals love coming to this cafe for lunch or to spend a leisurely afternoon over coffee and cake.  

4. Drop Coffee

Those who need a daily dose of caffeine must visit Drop Coffee at least once during a visit to Stockholm! Coffee-loving locals head to this cafe for their caffeine fix, which can be accompanied with a roll, pastry or slice of cake. With a wide selection of excellent coffee drinks to choose from, coffee-lovers will certainly not be disappointed. Even if you prefer your tea, you need not be put off visiting Drop Coffee as it also does excellent tea! 

5. Vete Katten

Locals with a sweet tooth frequent Vete Katten, where they can get their fix of traditional Swedish pastries. Tradition is emphasised at this cafe, where its pastries are made only with traditional recipes while its classic interior gives Vete Katten a welcoming and relaxed ambience. Boasting a grand selection of sweet treats, one trip to this cafe will not be enough for dessert-loving folks!

If you do not quite fancy dining out or perhaps hoping for a home-cooked meal away from home, try out a home-dining experience with Vidhatri, our BonAppetour host in Stockholm! A passionate cook, Vidhatri will delight you with a traditional and freshly prepared Indian vegetarian meal, serving up 3 courses at less than the cost of an equivalent meal at many eateries around the city! Whether you are a budget-traveller, vegetarian or crowd-hater, a meal at Vidhatri's is an experience you will not want to miss!

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Barcelona for Senior Travelers

Barcelona for Senior Travelers

For slightly older travelers, tapas bar hopping just doesn't cut it anymore. Night long partying and high energy activities do not seem to entice you like they used to, and navigating through throngs of other tourists is the number one thing that you want to avoid during your vacation. Traveling in such a bustling city like Barcelona may seem hectic, but a peaceful and enjoyable holiday can be experienced in this beautiful city. For a more relaxed yet fulfilling time in Barcelona, here is what we would recommend for the more senior and seasoned travelers out there.










1. Take a “hop on and off” bus tour

Activities like this have always gotten a bad reputation for being the “lazy” and “inauthentic” way of exploring a city. But what most travellers forget is that there is the option for people to get off the bus to explore the attractions themselves. Take it to be like a shuttle bus, bringing you straight from landmark to landmark. With such a system, it becomes so easy for older travelers to customise their own itinerary, only visiting what they are interested in and not having to navigate through public transport, or walk miles upon miles to the next destination. This mode of exploring the city certainly provides a lot more convenience than taking the public transport or walking, but without having to compromise on any attractions! There is a wide variety of such services available in Barcelona, making it perfect for senior travellers to explore the city with ease.



2. Take a class

Be it a flamenco class or cooking class, learn more about Barcelona’s culture and cuisine through engaging and interactive lessons! There is no better way to learn about the city than interacting with its locals. Rather than just visiting monuments and landmarks, why not deepen your understanding of the culture in Barcelona with interactive lessons? Try a paella making class with our Bonappetour host David, or a tapas making workshop with our host Nani! There are endless opportunities for one to learn more about Barcelona, without having to compete with the crowds that swarm famous attractions in the city. Gain insights into the city from a local’s perspective and be amazed at just how much of Barcelona there is that goes beyond its tourist attractions.











3. Dine in the dark

Instead of having a regular meal at a restaurant, invigorate your senses with a one of a kind experience – dining in the dark. During this experience, you will be treated to a meal of gastronomical heights. Have your sense of sight completely eliminated with the help of blindfolds and taste some authentic Spanish food, while simultaneously exposing your senses to this unique dining experience. This is sure to make a mark on your trip to Barcelona. Why not try this spectacular experience with our host Pablo, who offers this amazing dinner in an intimate setting just for you and your family, right in the heart of Barcelona!a


4. Vineyard tour

Not going to the nightly parties that are abundant on the streets of Barcelona, does not mean that you should not enjoy the alcohol that this city has to offer. Take a leisurely trip to one of the many local vineyard near the city and have a taste at some of the best wines, like Cava, you will ever find. Enjoy a tour of the grounds and learn about how certain wines are made locally. The best part of such vineyard tours? The wine tasting session to that comes after the tour. This is certainly one of the best ways to unwind and truly enjoy Barcelona's culture with your loved ones. Enjoy the peaceful and more rural setting for a day, before heading back into the city. 


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The Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Visit when in Barcelona

The Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Visit when in Barcelona

An adventure to Barcelona is a journey into the historical, architectural and gastronomical wonders of the Catalonian city. Here are the best Barcelona neighborhoods that will definitely make your adventure most fulfilling. Be sure to hang out at:

1. El Raval


Right in the heart of Barcelona, El Raval was historically infamous for its vibrant nightlife and cabarets. The closest of the city to the port – now the historical Museu Maritim, Raval saw a lot of large-scale immigration that brought along diversity and charisma to the neighborhood and was transformed into a melting pot of cultures. For all hipsters and art-enthusiasts out there, drop by the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and the nearby Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) to check-out the latest cultural happenings. After decades of development, El Raval today is popular among seasoned travelers for its adventurous and edgy vibe, some dub it the Bronx of Barcelona. Check out the famous La Boqueria market which houses hundreds of stalls selling fresh fruits and seafood. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Eating in La Boqueria for our best picks for dining at the world’s best market! Beware of pickpockets and other unsavoury characters at night, especially when you are alone, but otherwise, come revel at El Raval Barcelona’s el cor de la ciutat.  



2. Barri Gòtic


Just across the La Rambla Boulevard from El Raval, the Barri Gòtic, boasts the juxtaposition of ancient and modernity. You can find both the bustling and serene side of the city here at El Gòtic’s many Plaça. Fans of the glorious Roman history can quench their thirst for knowledge at the History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) and the remains of Temple d’Augustus, which overlooks the historical Plaça del Rei that once graced by Christopher Colombus after his journey from the Americas. Just a stone throw from the Museum is the 700 years – famed Gothic Barcelona Cathedral, home to the 13 geese that represent the Patron Saint Eulalia of the city. If you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, stroll along the La Rambla Boulevard from the north and visit Plaça Catalunya for its designer boutiques and Gaudi modernism architecture. Spend the night partying away at the hippest and flamboyant bars along Carrer d’Avinyo and the nearby Plaça del George Orwell (dubbed the Trippy Square). Feeling hungry? Satisfy your hunger pangs at the many restaurants in the area, or choose to dine with friendly locals like Pablo in his unique Dine in the Dark experience. Why not immerse yourself in the blurred lines of past and present in Barri Gòtic ?

3. El Born


Retreat from the bustle of the city centre to the calm and peaceful El Born, located just ten minutes’ walk from the La Rambla Boulevard. Once a medieval residence for the rich, El Born has transformed into the home of the arts, notably with its association with the famous Cubist artist Pablo Picasso. Pay homage to his works at the Gothic-styled Museu Picasso, where you can find over 4000 works and discover his early bond with Barcelona. Check out the Palau de la Musica’s wide range of musical events that will quench your thirst for sophistication and culture. Another destination for art enthusiasts is the Textile Museum that home to the fashion history exhibit that will take you through the fabric of time, from the Baroque era to modern history, including some of the most elaborated Hispano-Arabic textiles. Take a walk south towards Passeig del Born– once a jousting arena and now a popular nightlife destination of young locals. If you are in the mood for some good Cava – the Catalan take on French Champagne – visit El Xampanyet, located midway from the Museu Picasso and the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. Feel the rebirth of your love for arts at El Born- Barcelona’s corner of tranquility for your soul.

4. El Poble Sec


Enclosed by the busy El Raval and the scenic Montjuic hill, El Poble Sec is largely unbeaten track that is untouched by tourist activity, but this doesn’t mean that it is any less exciting and vibrant. Check out El Molino, a nightclub with both historical significance as well as current popularity for modern caberets. Take a stroll along the busy Avinguda del Parallel, from the magnificent Plaça Enspanya which was built for Barcelona World Fair in 1929, to the modern boat-shaped World Trade Center right at the habour front. Retreat to the serenity of El Poble Sec as you walk up Montjuic and visit the myriad of Jardins (Gardens) in the area, like the Jardin de Laribal, designed by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. Sports fans will be excited to find out about the grand Anella Olímpica (The Olympics Ring) that was home to the 1992 Olympics. Do check out the nearby Sant Antoni Market which will spoil you with food products rivaling that of La Boqueria. And if you feel hungry, stop by Quimet i Quimet, a renowned tapas bar that will sure whet your appetite, or try out the unique Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine with our lovely BonAppetour host Luna. With all the experiences available, you will not regret one second in El Poble Sec.  



L’Eixample is the Barcelona center of Catalan modernism architecture. The area is graced with modernist buildings and structures, notably along the Passeig de Gracia, home to some of Antoni Gaudi and Domenech i Muntaner – two of the most famous modernist architects – works such as Casa Batllo and Casa Lleo Morera. Gaudi’s magnum opus, however, is the unfinished La Sagrada Familia with its enchanting lightshow and dancing ground, while Domenech i Muntaner’s most well known building, World Heritage Site Hospital de Sant Pau, is situated a few blocks to the North. L’Eixample is also Barcelona’s shopping paradise – Arenas de Barcelona and Mercat dels Encants Vells – Fira de Bellcaire flea market to name a few. The heart of L’Eixample are streets that are lined with international designer shops and art galleries unique to Catalan culture. Wind down at night with your favourite cocktails at Dry Martini,  a bar that serves enormous Gin and Tonic while soaking up the atmosphere of L’Eixample right at the heart of Catalan modernism.

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Top 5 Summer Events in Barcelona that you MUST go to

Top 5 Summer Events in Barcelona that you MUST go to

Summer is here finally! Join in the biggest parties in the universe. It’s time to let down your hair and get those feet grooving! Living up to its expectation as the city of festivals, Barcelona’s summer calendar is bursting with events, so you're covered from day to night. Here are the ­­top 5 must-go to events if you are packing your bags for Barcelona this Summer!

Sónar Festival

Held between 16 to 17 June, Sónar festival is the largest electronic music gala that illuminates the fusion between creativity, cutting edge technology and innovation. To put it simply, it is a mega music festival that features the latest experimentation from both homegrown and international artists. Showcasing the latest remixes and creation in the electronic music landscape, this summer party is bound to sweep you off your feet straight away. Before you go into a mad rush to get a pair of tickets, take note that Sónar comes in two versions- Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. Do compare price differentials and pros and cons to decide which Sónar suits your palate.



 Grec Festival de Barcelona

You don’t have to be a cultural enthusiast nor a theatre-goer to appreciate the beauty of the Barcelona’s culture extravaganza. Originally a theatrical event 40 years ago, El Grec (the Greece) Barcelona has evolved into a multidisciplinary cultural event that has something in store for everybody no matter what how quirky your art appetite is! Ranging from theatre, dance, music, flamenco, film to the circus, you are in for a treat! Beginning from the 1st of July, and stretching all the way to 31st July, there is a mixture of free and ticketed performances lining up for you. We would definitely recommend you to catch one of the shows at Grec Theatre, an amphitheater that offers an enchanting setting, righty apt for the fascinating performances that are set to unfold before your eyes.

La Festa Major de Gràcia (The Gracia Festival)

Attributing to its title as one of the most popular neighborhood festivals, Barcelona’s Summer would not be complete without La Festa Major de Gràcia. Taking place between 15 to 21 August, the occasion gathers residents together for an endless list of communal activities. Get ready to be in awe of the façade of the streets that are intricately and delicately beautified by the residents themselves. Night (approx. 8.30pm) is the perfect time to go if you are looking for a grand and dramatic entrance; most of the illuminations will get ignited once you set foot on Gràcia. *tada!* Just a word of caution, as much as tourists are welcomed, consideration is sought to keep the ornaments intact and noise disturbances to a minimum after 1am.


Festa De La Mercè 

Mark your calendar on 24 September when Barcelona commemorates Saint la Mercè  (The Virgin of Mercy) in a spellbinding fashion. Indulge in the summer bash by immersing yourself over a range of parade performances from Castells (human tower), dancing giants, and Correfoc (fire run). The event is estimated to begin in the dusk when the roads are closed and the streets are open to the entrance of ‘The Devils’ dressed by community members carrying bangers and fireworks crackers. As Correfoc comes in 2 types, ‘junior’ and ‘adult’ Correfoc, you can definitely adjust the ‘thrill level’ for your participation. If you are new to Correfoc, a wiser choice would be to join in the event earlier for milder fire sparks instead of the showering flames directly from the sparklers happening at a slightly later hour.


Castells (Sant Felix-Vilafrancia)

Last but not least, Catalan Festival of Barcelona that exhibits the prominent Castells (human towers) and traditional dances are one of the stellar events not to be missed. Usually spotted every Saturday evening during the Summer months, a tower that is literally made out of humans stepping on each other’s shoulder will leave you gazing on in fascination. The human tower would be accomplished when a child climbs all the way to the top and raises his hand. Hold on! Before you get inspired to form your own Castells team, subsequently gathering your friends to stack on top of each other, we strongly recommend that the creation of such edifices to be undertaken only by trained crews to avoid broken arms and legs. 


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