Barcelona for Senior Travelers

Barcelona for Senior Travelers

For slightly older travelers, tapas bar hopping just doesn't cut it anymore. Night long partying and high energy activities do not seem to entice you like they used to, and navigating through throngs of other tourists is the number one thing that you want to avoid during your vacation. Traveling in such a bustling city like Barcelona may seem hectic, but a peaceful and enjoyable holiday can be experienced in this beautiful city. For a more relaxed yet fulfilling time in Barcelona, here is what we would recommend for the more senior and seasoned travelers out there.










1. Take a “hop on and off” bus tour

Activities like this have always gotten a bad reputation for being the “lazy” and “inauthentic” way of exploring a city. But what most travellers forget is that there is the option for people to get off the bus to explore the attractions themselves. Take it to be like a shuttle bus, bringing you straight from landmark to landmark. With such a system, it becomes so easy for older travelers to customise their own itinerary, only visiting what they are interested in and not having to navigate through public transport, or walk miles upon miles to the next destination. This mode of exploring the city certainly provides a lot more convenience than taking the public transport or walking, but without having to compromise on any attractions! There is a wide variety of such services available in Barcelona, making it perfect for senior travellers to explore the city with ease.



2. Take a class

Be it a flamenco class or cooking class, learn more about Barcelona’s culture and cuisine through engaging and interactive lessons! There is no better way to learn about the city than interacting with its locals. Rather than just visiting monuments and landmarks, why not deepen your understanding of the culture in Barcelona with interactive lessons? Try a paella making class with our Bonappetour host David, or a tapas making workshop with our host Nani! There are endless opportunities for one to learn more about Barcelona, without having to compete with the crowds that swarm famous attractions in the city. Gain insights into the city from a local’s perspective and be amazed at just how much of Barcelona there is that goes beyond its tourist attractions.











3. Dine in the dark

Instead of having a regular meal at a restaurant, invigorate your senses with a one of a kind experience – dining in the dark. During this experience, you will be treated to a meal of gastronomical heights. Have your sense of sight completely eliminated with the help of blindfolds and taste some authentic Spanish food, while simultaneously exposing your senses to this unique dining experience. This is sure to make a mark on your trip to Barcelona. Why not try this spectacular experience with our host Pablo, who offers this amazing dinner in an intimate setting just for you and your family, right in the heart of Barcelona!a


4. Vineyard tour

Not going to the nightly parties that are abundant on the streets of Barcelona, does not mean that you should not enjoy the alcohol that this city has to offer. Take a leisurely trip to one of the many local vineyard near the city and have a taste at some of the best wines, like Cava, you will ever find. Enjoy a tour of the grounds and learn about how certain wines are made locally. The best part of such vineyard tours? The wine tasting session to that comes after the tour. This is certainly one of the best ways to unwind and truly enjoy Barcelona's culture with your loved ones. Enjoy the peaceful and more rural setting for a day, before heading back into the city. 


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