Top Spots for Vegetarian Dining in Lisbon

Top Spots for Vegetarian Dining in Lisbon

Meat and fish may feature heavily in Portuguese cuisine but that does not mean that vegetarian travellers will starve when they visit Portugal. In fact, there have been more vegetarian eateries opening in Lisbon in recent years so there is definitely more options for the veggie-loving crowd than before. 

Here are some dining options for travellers to consider!

1. Jardim das Cerejas

If inexpensive buffets are the kind of dining experience you are seeking (and let's face it, who isn't?), make a trip to Jardim das Cerejas. This veggie eatery offers a large spread of vegetarian and vegan dishes, with most food options suitable for vegan consumption. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes desserts too! For the reasonable price that you pay, this veggie feast  is certainly money well spent. 

2. Restaurante Terra


For veggie lovers who do not mind splurging a little, check out Restaurante Terra. You'll be served top quality vegetarian food, using only fresh and organic ingredients. Again, this is served buffet-style and you can expect to find a delectable spread of veggie dishes of Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisines and even different Asian cuisines. Some of the dishes served here are suitable for vegan consumption but do clarify with the friendly staff if in doubt.

3. Oasis Vegetariano

While Oasis Vegetariano may not offer an extensive selection of dishes, it certainly does not fall short when it comes to the quality of its food. Its menu changes daily and with a choice of 4 dishes from the menu, you have the option of just having one dish or a combination if you fancy. Rice and a side salad will accompany the dishes that you pick and vegan options are available here – do check with the staff which dishes are vegan. Apart from main dishes, the desserts and fruit juices at Oasis Vegetariano are just as loved by its patrons! 

4. Paladar Zen

Buffet-loving vegetarian travellers will be spoilt for choice with yet another all-you-can-eat option! Paladar Zen offers a wide selection of hot and cold vegetarian dishes of different cuisines so if you can have both eastern and western options on your plate. Many of the dishes on offer are suitable for vegan consumption and that includes their desserts too! 

5. A Colmeia

If you are open to exploring less well-known veggie eateries, check out A Colmeia. This small restaurant serves up hearty veggie dishes accompanied with a side salad, all at affordable prices. Given its relatively hidden location, the atmosphere at A Colmeia is casual and relaxed, making it ideal for those looking to be away from the bustle of crowded areas. Even if you are not hungry for a meal, you can drop by for an afternoon over tea and cake and you pay very reasonable prices!

If you do not quite fancy the restaurant atmosphere and prefer a home-cooked veggie meal, try out a BonAppetour dining experience with one of our hosts in Lisbon! Some of our hosts are more than happy to accommodate guests on a meatless diets and are willing to customise a dining menu to suit such a dietary preference. Book a home-dining experience soon if you are planning a trip Lisbon!

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