Exploring Venice as a Vegetarian

Exploring Venice as a Vegetarian

It is not easy to find vegetarian restaurants in Venice amidst all the seafood, pizzas, cicchetis and gnocchi. But We like a challenge here at BonAppetour, so we have dug up the best vegetarian restaurants to satisfy all your veggie needs.

1. La Zucca


With a rating of 4.5 on Tripadvisor, La Zucca is easily one of the best restaurants that offers vegetarian food. You can start your meal with a Tagliatelle with tomatoes and eggplant from its ever changing menu and finish with mouthwatering strawberries and cream topped with chocolate sauce. If your companion isn't a vegetarian and would love a fix of meat, there is also the choice of a juicy duck thigh with apples.

2. Bar Rialto da Lollo 

This is the place that you need to go to for breakfast if you are in Venice. Bar Rialto da Lollo has the best tramezzini (sandwiches with white bread). Located near the Rialto Bridge, it is the perfect place to start your day of adventure. It has a wide array of sandwiches with very affordable prices of around 2 euros. Not to mention the serving size is huge too.

3. Bone Robe


In a cozy cafe setting, each order is cooked on the spot. With fresh and seasonal ingredients, their food is healthy and hearty. Their handsome chef is an added bonus. *wink wink*

4. Le Spighe

This is one of raved-about vegetarian places to eat. Le Spighe is not solely a restaurant. It is mainly a health food store that also sells vegetarian foods. You can choose from the dishes on display which changes everyday according to what the chef cooks. It is priced based on weight. If you have a specific allergy, don't be afraid to tell the chef so that you can work out which is the best dish for you.

5. Walter's Cooking Class

Why eat out when you can customize and learn to whip up your own venice-inspired vegetarian concoction using the freshest ingredients right off the market. Walter, a professional tour guide, chef and blogger, can take you on a tour of the local Venetian markets, choose the best vegetables and teach you how to make your own gourmet vegetarian meal. Doesn't that sound fantastic?

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Top Spots for Vegetarian Dining in Lisbon

Top Spots for Vegetarian Dining in Lisbon

Meat and fish may feature heavily in Portuguese cuisine but that does not mean that vegetarian travellers will starve when they visit Portugal. In fact, there have been more vegetarian eateries opening in Lisbon in recent years so there is definitely more options for the veggie-loving crowd than before. 

Here are some dining options for travellers to consider!

1. Jardim das Cerejas

If inexpensive buffets are the kind of dining experience you are seeking (and let's face it, who isn't?), make a trip to Jardim das Cerejas. This veggie eatery offers a large spread of vegetarian and vegan dishes, with most food options suitable for vegan consumption. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes desserts too! For the reasonable price that you pay, this veggie feast  is certainly money well spent. 

2. Restaurante Terra


For veggie lovers who do not mind splurging a little, check out Restaurante Terra. You'll be served top quality vegetarian food, using only fresh and organic ingredients. Again, this is served buffet-style and you can expect to find a delectable spread of veggie dishes of Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisines and even different Asian cuisines. Some of the dishes served here are suitable for vegan consumption but do clarify with the friendly staff if in doubt.

3. Oasis Vegetariano

While Oasis Vegetariano may not offer an extensive selection of dishes, it certainly does not fall short when it comes to the quality of its food. Its menu changes daily and with a choice of 4 dishes from the menu, you have the option of just having one dish or a combination if you fancy. Rice and a side salad will accompany the dishes that you pick and vegan options are available here – do check with the staff which dishes are vegan. Apart from main dishes, the desserts and fruit juices at Oasis Vegetariano are just as loved by its patrons! 

4. Paladar Zen

Buffet-loving vegetarian travellers will be spoilt for choice with yet another all-you-can-eat option! Paladar Zen offers a wide selection of hot and cold vegetarian dishes of different cuisines so if you can have both eastern and western options on your plate. Many of the dishes on offer are suitable for vegan consumption and that includes their desserts too! 

5. A Colmeia

If you are open to exploring less well-known veggie eateries, check out A Colmeia. This small restaurant serves up hearty veggie dishes accompanied with a side salad, all at affordable prices. Given its relatively hidden location, the atmosphere at A Colmeia is casual and relaxed, making it ideal for those looking to be away from the bustle of crowded areas. Even if you are not hungry for a meal, you can drop by for an afternoon over tea and cake and you pay very reasonable prices!

If you do not quite fancy the restaurant atmosphere and prefer a home-cooked veggie meal, try out a BonAppetour dining experience with one of our hosts in Lisbon! Some of our hosts are more than happy to accommodate guests on a meatless diets and are willing to customise a dining menu to suit such a dietary preference. Book a home-dining experience soon if you are planning a trip Lisbon!

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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals

Easy vegetarian meals probably conjure images of salad. But veggie-lovers who want their food fast do not just have to settle for a bowl of salad. There are a great variety of meatless meals that can be prepared quickly, so salads can make just one of the simple veggie meals you have in a week!

Here are some easy vegetarian meals to try out!

1. Pasta Puttanesca

If you love tomato-based pasta dishes, you will love pasta puttanesca too. This pasta dish typically includes anchovies but that can be omitted to suit the diets of vegetarians, as with this recipe.

2. Asparagus, Spinach and Feta Quiche

Quiche is a brunch favourite but it can be eaten at any time of the day. Reward yourself with slice of veggie-filled quiche on the weekends!

3. Soba Noodle Salad

Vary your meals by adding an Asian veggie dish to your dinners. This soba noodle salad contains buckwheat noodles and is packed with nutrient-dense veggies – perfect for us health-conscious folks!

4. Vegetable fried rice

Want a fast, tasty and filling veggie meal? This vegetable fried rice is the answer. Note that the recipe contains egg so if you will have to modify the recipe if you are on a vegan diet.

5. Pizza

You can be vegetarian and enjoy your slice of pizza in a healthier way. And veggie pizzas are hardly difficult to prepare at all – you only need two ingredients to prepare the dough! And you can use any veggie topping and sauce you fancy!


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A Veggie Affair: Meatless Meals in Prague

A Veggie Affair: Meatless Meals in Prague

Meat is a staple in Czech cuisine, and meat dishes feature heavily on the menus of many eateries in Prague. However, the dietary preferences of non-meat eaters are not forgotten in this city; an increasing number of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly eateries have sprung up across the city. If you're seeking a spot to get your fix of wholesome greens, here're six spots that come with our recommendations: 

1. Country Life Melantrichova

Country Life Melantrichova dishes out vegetarian fare, buffet-style. You will find a good variety of dishes, ranging from raw salads, to hot items such as soups and cooked Czech delicacies. The price of meals at this eatery is determined by the weight of the food items selected, ensuring that diners pay a reasonable amount for their meals. Located near to the Old Town Square, Country Life Melantrichova is a convenient option for vegetarian travellers exploring the vicinity. 


2. Loving Hut 

Loving Hut is an international chain of vegan restaurants that has made its way into Prague. There are several outlets to be found around the city, with each branch offering a buffet of Asian vegan fare. Apart from savoury dishes, you will also find vegan desserts at this eatery. Generous portions and reasonable prices makes Loving Hut a hit with both vegetarians and vegans alike. The saying, 'the early bird catches the worm' holds true here, so head down here early to sample the best selection of vegan fare! 

3. Estrella

Estrella churns out freshly prepared Czech and international delicacies. While the menu is not entirely vegan, there are a selection of vegan-friendly items available. Beer-loving vegetarians are not deprived of their pint of beer here; a list of locally-brewed beer can be found on the menu. Take note  that this restaurant does not accept card payment, so make sure you have enough cash on hand before you arrive for your meal. 

4. Mlsna Kavka

Mlsna Kavka is a casual vegetarian eatery catering to a wide range of dietary needs.

Its meat-free menu includes vegan and gluten-free fare, so even diners with dietary restrictions will not have to leave this eatery with an empty stomach. Mlsna Kavka is also a social enterprise supporting individuals diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses; the eatery employs these individuals, so as to help them acquire skills necessary for employment in the labour market. Diners kill two birds with a stone when they tuck into a meal here – by enjoying delicious meatless fare and supporting a worthwhile cause. 

5. Green Spirit Bistro and Cafe

Since its commencement in October 2014, the Green Spirit Bistro and Cafe has become a fond favourite among the vegetarian crowd in Prague. The cafe serves a wide variety of dishes, ranging from mains such as pasta and burgers, to sweet treats like ice cream, cakes and daily dessert specials. Vegan-friendly items are labelled on the menu.   

6. Home-dining Experience 

Not keen on dining out? Try dining in, and opt for a cosy home-dining experience with the locals in the city. Our hosts will gladly cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences, and will happily whip up a storm of meatless fare for vegetarian guests. Be sure to indicate your dietary preferences during the booking process. 


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