Italian Desserts you MUST Try

Italian Desserts you MUST Try

Italian cuisine is renowed for its great variety, not only when it comes to mains but also when it comes to desserts! Those with a sweet tooth will know that no meal is complete with dessert and there certainly is no better way to round off a hearty Italian meal than with some mouth-watering desserts!

Here are some Italian desserts you will want to try when you visit Italy!

1. Panna Cotta

If you love your pudding, you will love panna cotta too. This Italian classic features on the menus of most Italian eateries so it will be hard to miss an opportunity to test it. Although the traditional panna cotta calls for a caramel sauce, you will often find it served with strawberry or chocoate sauce. The more outlandish amongst you may want to push the boat out and try cinnamon or aniseed!

2. Tiramisu

There are so many variations of this well-loved dessert – it can be a cake or served in a cup, wine glass and even a shot glass! Who said coffee is just for mornings?

3. Cannoli

Cannoli is a Sicilian pastry dessert with a sweet and creamy ricotta filling. While cannoli may have originated in Sicily, the Arabs were the ones who came up with this classic when they dominated Sicily region. 

4. Zabaglione

This light custard dessert typically contains Marsala wine, a sweet wine produced in the Marsala region of Sicily. If you like your desserts with a hint of alcohol, you will not be disappointed with a serving of zabaglione!

5. Ricotta pie

Ricotta pie is arguably an Italian take on cheesecake, albeit a lighter and less sweet version so do not expect it to taste like the rich and sinful cheesecakes you have had before. Nevertheless, lovers of cheesecake should still be open to trying out something different – you may well love it!

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Travel Guide: Where to Eat Breakfast in Italy?

Travel Guide: Where to Eat Breakfast in Italy?

The Italians may not have the habit of consuming a large breakfast meal, but this does not mean that do not take their breakfast seriously. This meal is a light one for most of the locals, and consists of a bread or pastry with the essential cup of cappuccino or a caffè. 

There is no reason to miss out on the most important meal of the day during your fun-filled vacation in gastronomic Italy. To help you out, we compiled a foodie guide on the best spots to eat your breakfast in Italy: 

Cafe Giacosa packs a powerful punch when it comes to offering a widespread selection of breakfast items. Step into the ornately furnished store, and you will find a variety of scrumptious pastries and savoury breakfast mains, such as brioche with a filling of egg and truffle paste. Skip your usual morning order of cappuccino at this cafe – instead, opt for the macchiato, for it is served in a glass, along with a dash of milk and melted chocolate. Mmm…what a treat!

Bite into a toasty panini or tuck into a piece of sweet pastry. Heed our advice, and do not step out of this cafe without trying the interesting-sounding caffe shakerato. A perfect summer beverage, this refreshing drink is made with espresso and sugar, and shaken with lots of ice.

Step into atmospheric Dagnino, and you will be greeted with the sight of vintage murals, polished marble flooring and wooden tables draped with velvety table cloths. Foodies with a sweet tooth will find it hard to practice restrain, for a plethora of decadent breakfast pastries await. Deciding on what to have with your breakfast coffee has never been more difficult – will it be the pretty cannoli, colourful cassata siciliana or flaky danish?

Diners at Pavè are in for a visual treat, for the pastry shop boasts an open-view laboratory allowing guests to watch the chefs bake up a storm of breakfast delights. As you munch on your crisp pastries and crumbly cakes, gaze towards the kitchen, and look on as the dedicated chefs work their magic, transforming lumps of dough into a fine selection of gorgeous breakfast items.

The airy and attractive interiors of Ottimo Massimo makes breakfasting here a pleasurable experience. Vacation makers keen on having their breakfast the Italian way can order a well-made cappuccino and pastry. The more health conscious folks among us may tuck into wholesome and healthy options, such as cereals, yoghurt and smoothies.

Eating with the Locals in Italy

When in Rome, eat breakfast as the Romans do!

You can be sure that you are starting your day perfectly, as all Romans do, when you join Emma for a lovely breakfast in her home. First, get a jolt of energy from an aromatic cup of cappuccino. Next, tuck into a delightful array of pastries, such as soft brioche filled with rich cream, buttery croissants and delicious cookies studded with chunks of chocolate. It does not quite matter that you have not planned your itinerary for the rest of the day, for Emma will share her recommendations on the best travel attractions to visit in Rome!

Join Cristina for a breakfast meal during your sojourn in Italy. You cannot go wrong with starting your day with a foamy cappuccino and sweet crêpes with bananas and walnuts. Round off a fine breakfast with a selection of zesty fruit.

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Foodie Guide: 5 Unique Dining Experiences in Italy

Foodie Guide: 5 Unique Dining Experiences in Italy

Dining in a fancy, bustling restaurant may not quite be your cup of tea. Perhaps, you have a preference for off-the-beaten-path dining experiences, such as dining with the locals and hanging out at hidden local food haunts, frequented only by those in the know.

If you are a foodie traveller in search of intriguing food and cultural experiences during your travels in Italy, be sure to check out our list of unique dining experiences below:

1. Agriturismos: Feasting in a Rustic Farm

How does feasting on a spread of traditional dishes in a cosy farmhouse sound?

If this dining experience appeals to you, be sure to include a stay at an agriturismo a part of your Italy travel itinerary!

Agriturismos, a combination of the words ‘agriculture’ and ‘tourism’, refer to farms in Italy offering accommodation for vacation makers. The amenities at the farms can vary, ranging from basic lodging in a rustic setting, to luxurious villas by a vineyard.

Guests will look forward to meal times during their stay at the agriturismo, for an excellent spread of crusty breads, fragrant pastries, fresh dairy produce and wholesome dishes awaits.

2. Culinary Classes: Whip Up a Storm of Italian Delicacies!

A trip to Italy is not complete without savouring the excellent thin-crust pizzas and pasta dishes widely found in local eateries lining the streets. Apart from these well-loved favourites, there is also an array of must-try local delights, such as the crispy arancini and hearty ribollita, that travellers should not miss out on.

However, feasting on these delicacies alone may not be enough. Would it not be a better option to try your hand at cooking up a storm of Italian dishes in the kitchen?

Sign up for a culinary class, and learn the art of Italian cooking from your gregarious and enthusiastic instructor. Apart from gaining a wealth of handy cooking tips, you will also garner insights on the fascinating history and food culture of the locals.

3. Mealsharing: Dine with the Locals!

Browse through a social dining platform, and you will find a wide selection of passionate cooks who are eager to open up their homes and hearts to you. These chefs, skilled in the art of whipping up authentic Italian cuisine, cordially invite travellers for a feast in their homes.

Tucking into a scrumptious spread is only a part of the dining experience. Guests will also enjoy a night of fun and laughter, engaging conversations and forging cross-cultural friendships.

4. Picnicking: Savouring Italian Goodies Outdoors

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Take a leaf out of the locals’ books, and pack yourself a delicious spread for a picnic outdoors!

Filling up your picnic basket with delicacies is a simple task. Stop by the deli stores lining the neighbourhood streets, and you will easily find loaves of freshly-baked bread, rich cheeses, savoury prosciutto and a fine bottle of wine.

The next step to undertake is to hunt for a picturesque picnic spot. You will be spoilt for choice, for beautiful Italy presents a myriad of gorgeous outdoor settings.

If you are residing in charming Rome, make your way to the stunning gardens of Villa Celimontana. Travellers who fancy dining with a sweeping views of the Tiber river will find Giardino degli Aranci to be an ideal picnic spot.

Holidaymakers in search of a fine picnic location in sophisticated Milan will be delighted with settling snugly into a spot at Parco Sempione, an expansive city park containing a serene lake.

Picnic-goers in Florence can make their way to Cascine Park, a spacious park containing monumental statues, civil infrastructures and sports amenities.

5. Walking Tours: Discover the Best Local Food Haunts

The cobblestoned streets and bustling outdoor markets of Italy promises to be an enticing sight. Discover these streets through the eyes of a local by embarking on a walking food tour!

Led about by a knowledgeable guide, you will be brought along to a series of food haunts to savour a diversity of sumptuous food items. All that is needed is a good pair of walking shoes, and an insatiable appetite for sampling the local fare!

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Italy’s Must-Eat Foods: 12 Delicacies Not to Be Missed

Traditional Italy Foods: Top 10 Famous Italian Dishes

Gorgeous Italy draws travelers keen on exploring her stunning scenery, unique culture, and gastronomical delights. With its rich cuisine, this beautiful Mediterranean land offers countless famous and traditional must-eat foods.

A multitude of popular Italian delicacies and dishes, sweet and savory, await your discovery during your sojourns when you are in Italy. These traditional Italian dishes are deeply rooted in the Italian culture, and recipes are often passed down between generations and are cherished for their authentic origins.

One of the best ways to get the true taste of these amazing dishes is directly from local home chefs, who are passionate about cooking and sharing a slice of their culture with you.

Be sure to leave ample space in your belly to tuck into these top 10 must-try dishes in Italy:

1. The Mothers of All: Pasta & Pizza – but what and where to eat?

One should not miss out on feasting on pasta and pizza, the two iconic traditional Italian dishes during their vacation.

Pasta types vary significantly depending where you go in Italy. Be sure to try the regional specialties in the cities that you are visiting. If you are exploring beautiful Rome, order a serving of the pasta alla carbonara, prepared with ingredients such as eggs, Pecorino cheese, guanciale (a type of Italian cured meat made from pork cheeks) and black pepper.

If you happen to book the famous Roman home-chef Alessandro’s A truly Roman feast overlooking the Vatican City, make sure to ask for Spaghetti alla Carbonara (with eggs, bacon, cheese, pepper and chili pepper) or Spaghetti alla Gricia (with bacon, cheese, pepper and chili pepper).

When it comes to pizza, the first type that comes to mind is Margherita. Originating from Naples, the pizza margherita is a simple but tasty dish. Order this popular item from the local pizzeria, and you can expect to be served with a crispy, thin-crust pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Here are top 5 pasta or pizza making classes in Italy:


2. Arancini

Crisp and golden brown, arancini refers to a dish of stuffed rice balls. The rice balls are fried after being coated in a dusting of  crunchy breadcrumbs.

These rice balls are usually filled with ragù, tomato sauce, mozzarella and peas. Similar to pasta and pizza dishes in Italy, there are a diversity of regional variations of the arancini. The regional specialties are made with different fillings and shapes depending on the location that the dish is prepared in.

Some examples include the arancini con ragù (containing tomato sauce, rice and mozzarella), arancini con burro (made with creamy béchamel sauce), arancini con funghi and arancini con melanzane.

Why not try this classic Italian dish with local hosts Antonella and Paola if you happen to be in Rome during your trip to Italy?

3. Lasagne

Italy’s Must-Eat Foods: 12 Delicacies Not to Be Missed

Believed to have originated from the city of Naples, this well-loved and yet another classic Italian dish is made by baking sheets of lasagne pasta layered with cheese, ground meat, vegetables and different varieties of sauces, such as the ragù, bechamel or tomato sauce. This dish should definitely not be missed out on if you want to have a taste of true Italian cuisine.

4. Osso buco alla Milanese

Meat lovers will rejoice at the thought of tucking into the osso buco alla Milanese!

Tender veal shanks, braised slowly in white wine, is served with an array of vegetables. A serving of aromatic gremolata, a condiment made with lemon zest, garlic and parsley, is added to complete the dish.

The meal does not end when you have finished the meat and vegetables, for the best part of the dish lies in scooping out and savouring the creamy marrow from the bones of the veal.

5. Prosciutto

An Italian favourite, prosciutto refers to dry-cured ham, served uncooked and cut in thin slices. The finest and priciest prosciutto originates from the central and northern regions of Italy.

Light, savoury and airy, the cured meat is usually served with pasta, or wrapped around slices of cheese or sweet melons.

6. Ribollita

Traditionally considered as cucina povera, or poor man’s food, the ribollita was created by servants who collected unfinished food, such as bread and vegetables, from their masters before boiling these items in water to make a meal. The origin of this dish gives rise to its name, which translates to mean ‘reboiled’ in English.

Rich and hearty, the ribollita is regarded as one of Tuscany’s most important dishes.

You can try this classic Italian dish with our host Cinzia who serves this dish up right in the heart of Florence.

7. Saltimbocca

The dish contains thin slices of veal, topped with salty prosciutto and herb leaves. These ingredients, joined together with a toothpick, are sautéed in a pan until the meat is done. Different varieties of meat, such as chicken and mutton are also used for preparing the saltimbocca.

A well-made serving of saltimbocca promises to be a delectable dish melts away in the mouth. Highly popular among locals and travellers in Italy, this savoury delight is certainly not to be missed.

In fact, you can learn how to make this particular dish yourself with our host Alberto while you are in Rome. Complete with a market tour, Alberto will teach you about the beauty of Italian cuisine with a cooking class right in the heart of Rome.

8. Gelato

Italy’s Must-Eat Foods: 12 Delicacies Not to Be Missed

A visit to Italy is not complete without having at least a serving of smooth, creamy gelato. Travelers who are on the hunt for the best versions of this delightful treat should check this article out for insights on where to find the best gelato in Italy.

9. Torrone

Creamy and sticky, the Torrone is made with ingredients such as honey, egg whites, toasted nuts and citrus zest. Thick slabs of this candy are commonly found in cafes and candy stores throughout Italy.

We recommend that you try the original version, as it is hard to beat. Those with a preference for decadent treats may want to try a new variety – torrone dipped in rich chocolate!

10. Tiramisu

Light and creamy, the tiramisu is a well-known dessert sought-after by locals and travellers alike. Ingredients such as ladyfingers, coffee, eggs, sugar, cocoa and mascarpone cheese required in the preparation of this sweet treat.

If you visit Rome, you can also attend Fresh Pasta and Tiramisù Cooking Class to learn how to make home-made Tiramisù.

Creative dessert-makers have given an innovative twist to the traditional recipe of the tiramisu, coming up with varieties such as the fruit tiramisu, chocolate tiramisu, and the intriguing-sounding ch’tiramisu.

Are your tastebuds ready? Time to savour these dishes (and more!) with our BonAppetour hosts in Italy.

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