Travel Guide: Where to Eat Breakfast in Italy?

Travel Guide: Where to Eat Breakfast in Italy?

The Italians may not have the habit of consuming a large breakfast meal, but this does not mean that do not take their breakfast seriously. This meal is a light one for most of the locals, and consists of a bread or pastry with the essential cup of cappuccino or a caffè. 

There is no reason to miss out on the most important meal of the day during your fun-filled vacation in gastronomic Italy. To help you out, we compiled a foodie guide on the best spots to eat your breakfast in Italy: 

Cafe Giacosa packs a powerful punch when it comes to offering a widespread selection of breakfast items. Step into the ornately furnished store, and you will find a variety of scrumptious pastries and savoury breakfast mains, such as brioche with a filling of egg and truffle paste. Skip your usual morning order of cappuccino at this cafe – instead, opt for the macchiato, for it is served in a glass, along with a dash of milk and melted chocolate. Mmm…what a treat!

Bite into a toasty panini or tuck into a piece of sweet pastry. Heed our advice, and do not step out of this cafe without trying the interesting-sounding caffe shakerato. A perfect summer beverage, this refreshing drink is made with espresso and sugar, and shaken with lots of ice.

Step into atmospheric Dagnino, and you will be greeted with the sight of vintage murals, polished marble flooring and wooden tables draped with velvety table cloths. Foodies with a sweet tooth will find it hard to practice restrain, for a plethora of decadent breakfast pastries await. Deciding on what to have with your breakfast coffee has never been more difficult – will it be the pretty cannoli, colourful cassata siciliana or flaky danish?

Diners at Pavè are in for a visual treat, for the pastry shop boasts an open-view laboratory allowing guests to watch the chefs bake up a storm of breakfast delights. As you munch on your crisp pastries and crumbly cakes, gaze towards the kitchen, and look on as the dedicated chefs work their magic, transforming lumps of dough into a fine selection of gorgeous breakfast items.

The airy and attractive interiors of Ottimo Massimo makes breakfasting here a pleasurable experience. Vacation makers keen on having their breakfast the Italian way can order a well-made cappuccino and pastry. The more health conscious folks among us may tuck into wholesome and healthy options, such as cereals, yoghurt and smoothies.

Eating with the Locals in Italy

When in Rome, eat breakfast as the Romans do!

You can be sure that you are starting your day perfectly, as all Romans do, when you join Emma for a lovely breakfast in her home. First, get a jolt of energy from an aromatic cup of cappuccino. Next, tuck into a delightful array of pastries, such as soft brioche filled with rich cream, buttery croissants and delicious cookies studded with chunks of chocolate. It does not quite matter that you have not planned your itinerary for the rest of the day, for Emma will share her recommendations on the best travel attractions to visit in Rome!

Join Cristina for a breakfast meal during your sojourn in Italy. You cannot go wrong with starting your day with a foamy cappuccino and sweet crêpes with bananas and walnuts. Round off a fine breakfast with a selection of zesty fruit.

Image Credits: Caffe Giacosa, Chef Alfredos, Dutch Indian Blog


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