Top 5 Must-Try Food Trucks in Paris

Top 5 Must-Try Food Trucks in Paris

Food trucks have never been popular in central Paris, however there has been an increased liking for such food. I believe it owes its success to the authentic, fresh and high-quality products that each food truck tries to offer to its consumers. Packed in a small truck, shouting across heads to get the order to the cook and most importantly how it is cooked freshly on the spot.


Food trucks have been gaining so much traction that the Paris Authority agreed to allocate 40 food truck spots located in different arrondissements of Paris. With so many food trucks to try, here are some of the most famous food trucks in Paris that have amazing reviews and long queues to prove the quality of their food. 

1. Le Camion qui fume

In 2009, Californian Chef Kristin Fredrick went to a well-regarded French culinary school and after she graduated launched Le Camion qui fume, which was one of the food trucks that started off the trend across the globe of gourmet food truck burgers. You don’t need to see long winding lines of salivating Parisians to know that this is one of the best food trucks in Paris. The truck acts a nomad, travelling from spot to spot everyday, to places such as la Madeleine, Porte Maillot, Canal St-Martin, MK2 Bibliothèque, and in front of the Musée d’Orsay! Before you go looking for the truck be sure to confirm on their website and Facebook pages! 

2. Cantine California

Is anything worth standing up queuing for 40 minutes and paying €11 for? The short answer is definitely yes when it comes to Cantine California! They serve a slice of America on four wheels and the local Parisians are hungry for it!!! Catine California’s menus include burgers (we reccommend the unmissable Tex-Mex option!) and tacos. A bite into the juice-filled beef patty and buttered buns is sure to induce a foodgasm indeed. Of course, they not only excel in the department of mouthwatering food, but service as well. This cosmopolitan food truck team will serve you an ultimate spot-on, unforgettable experience. There are a just a few things to note:the long queues, waiting time as well as the little amount of standing tables for you to eat on! But take this opportunity to stroll around paris, for all you know you might find a hidden gem ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

3. Le Réfectoire 

Being in Paris, you should definitely want to soak in the Parisian culture. Le Réfectoire provides you with the opportunity to do just that. Burgers prepared by them are served with the most French flair in Paris. Their food includes typical French cheeses like comté, raclette, homemade mayo and grilled goat's cheese with honey to Frenchify your burger. Standing in line waiting for your turn to order your burger can be dehydrating to some and Le Refectoire  understands, so they have concocted a deliciously rehydrating drink called the ‘’rehab lemonade’’ to satisfy your needs! 

4. Classico Argentino 

A little piece of Argentina on wheels as they would call it. Serving you fresh ingredients straight out of a truck that goes beyond the simple ingredients of steak and ceviche and instead serve superior, delicious empanadas. Constantly in competition with tapas as a choice of snack in Paris, the Classico Argentina has come up with countless of creative ways to stay relevant and be one of the best food trucks! So you must try to decide for yourself! Tapas or Classico Argentino?  

5. Glaces Glazed 

Heard enough about savoury food trucks? Here is one that finally can satisfy your sweet tooth and offer an escape from the heat during summer! What makes this so special is that it does not just serve you the normal vanilla, chocolate, pistachio etc…if you want to try something new, this is the exact truck you should hunt down!! Flavours that will stun and wow your taste buds from the colour, the soft texture and even the names such as ‘Highway to Ale’ (flavoured with beer!) or even the ‘Black sugar Sex Magic’ which is a well-mixed sorbet made with dark chocolate, wasabi and ginger, and what better ice cream to try in the city of love than the ‘Tunnel of love’, infused with wood strawberries and topped with sancho berries, it's definitely a sight to see. They not only serve ice cream, they sell ice lollies too, with a more grown-up twist, such as absinthe and an apple liqueur flavour named ‘’Smells like Teen Spirit’’. All these unorthodox flavours and ice cream names are bound to instil some form of uncertainty, but give it a try! It's so popular for a reason! It's well blended, delicious and simple ice cream art that you’ve got to try! 

Thats all for now! If you have tried any other food trucks in Paris that I didn't mention above, leave a comment below! I would love to hear about them ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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