Vegetarian Dining in Barcelona

Vegetarian Dining in Barcelona

Seafood and meat are staples in Catalan cuisine. Given Barcelona's proximity to the sea, it is no surprise that the Catalan capital is a seafood haven. However, this does not mean non-meat eaters are faced with limited dining options in Barcelona. With a growing number of vegetarians and vegans in the city, there is a rise in the number of eateries that can accommodate meat-free diets – just perfect for veggie-loving travellers:

1. Juicy Jones

This hip vegan eatery is popular among the locals for its fresh juices and affordable brunch options. The colourful interiors of Juicy Jones is reflective of the food and beverages that it offers, and contributes to the eatery's funky yet relaxed atmosphere. Who says a plant-based diet is dull? Certainly not at this eatery. 



2. My Pillow Cafe 

Fast food can be vegetarian and healthy, as long as fresh, quality ingredients are used its preparation. My Pillow Cafe does just that, offering diners with a variety of vegetarian fare in a fast food setting. You will find a wide selection of dishes such as tapas, burgers, dumplings, wraps, noodles, soup and fries at affordable prices. Vegan and gluten-free items are also available here. 

3. Santoni Cafeteria

Santoni Cafeteria may not have an entirely vegetarian or vegan menu, but it can certainly accommodate non-meat eaters. This family-run eatery offers a separate vegan menu, and is well loved for its homemade sandwiches, pizzas, salads and pastries. Meat options are also served, making this a convenient dining spot for vegetarians with meat-loving travel companions. Whatever your dietary preferences are, the highly popular chocolate croissant is one treat you cannot miss. 

4. Cafe Camelia

This casual vegetarian cafe sits close to Park Guell, one of Gaudi's most notable works in Barcelona. Cafe Camelia draws a crowd of locals who frequent the cafe for brunch or an afternoon coffee break, and features a menu with vegan and vegetarian options. A good selection of desserts makes this an ideal place for vacation makers in the vicinity looking for a spot to indulge in sweet treats. 

5. Gaudi Bakery

You will find an array of vegan and gluten-free items on the vegetarian-friendly menu at Gaudi BakeryDespite the eatery's proximity to La Sagrada Familia, one of Barcelona's major tourist attractions, the dishes here are reasonably priced. Fond favourites among patrons include the desserts, sandwiches, salads and savoury pancakes. 

6. Home-dining Experience

Fancy a feast of paella? Or, perhaps a spread of scrumptious tapas dishes? Dine with Yves, and he will whip up a storm of Spanish culinary delights that will whet your appetite. Cooking lessons are included in the dining experience, which means that you will get to enjoy an authentic taste of Spain long after your travels. 

The menu can be customised to suit different dietary preferences. Please state any dietary restrictions during your booking process.


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