Travel Guide: Best Cafes in Rome

Travel Guide: Best Cafes in Rome

Regardless of where they venture to, caffeine junkies will always find it hard to kickstart their day without a cup of coffee. We have crafted this post specially for coffee addicts travelling in Rome – begin your days on the right note by getting a cuppa at one of these cafés, for they are known to serve up some of the best coffees in the city: 

Guests who arrive at Bar del Cappuccino will find the tiny café bustling with a lively buzz, for its fantastic brew, excellent espresso and winning service draws in plenty of customers. 


Caffé Tazza D’Oro has earned a reputation for offering one of the best boutique coffee in Rome. Be prepared to wait when you arrive at this charming café, for it attracts a long, snaking line of customers keen on getting a cup of their favourite espresso or cappucino. Once you have laid your hands on your long-awaited cup of coffee, you may opt to enjoy it at the spacious bar, or venture to one of the outdoor tables laid out along the corner of Via Pastini. 

Art lovers will enjoy savouring a cuppa within the ornate interiors of Canova Tadolini. Previously used as an atelier by an artist, the café is packed with stunning statues of classical busts, fountains and chevaliers on horses. Customers can feast on the sight of these striking works of art, as they enjoy their coffee in a fine setting containing furniture such as leather chairs and tables draped with pristine white cloths.

We have some advice for first-time visitors unsure of which beverage to order – you will not go wrong with the flavourful espress 'marocchino', a decadent drink containing a delightful combination of chocolate cream, coffee and cocoa powder. 

The excellent coffee at Giolitti draws an eclectic crowd of customers, ranging from coffee-loving travellers to politicians. Make a stop by for coffee, and you might end up rubbing shoulders with President Giorgio Napolitano. Apart from getting their fix of caffeine, customers have another reason for making repeated visits to Giolitti – this café is well known for serving a selection of award-winning ice cream. 

Coffee-making is a serious business at Il Caffé Sant’Eustacchio. Its owners travel to Brazil to source for the best coffee beans, so as it export it to Rome. This classic Roman bar may be small, but its coffee sure packs a punch. Guests will find the aroma and flavours of coffee to be present in just about everything sold at the café, ranging from its frappés and slushies, to luscious chocolate bars and cookies. These pastries have earned rave reviews from hordes of customers, so be sure to sample these sumptuous treats when you make a stop by at the café.

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