Table for Two: Romantic Meals in Rome

Table for Two: Romantic Meals in Rome

Traversing through romantic Rome with that special someone? You'll want to make a booking for a table, perfect for only two…


When a restaurant offers an unobstructed view of the majestic Colosseum, there is no doubt that it cinches the top spot for providing one of the best views of the city. Dining becomes a magical experience here at Aroma – take a sip of your wine and nibble on the starters while you watch the sun set behind the structure, painting the sky in a wash of mesmerizing hues. The innovative menu will not fail to please either – the mint-flavoured roasted scallops is a great dish to kickstart your dinner, continuing on with mains such as a tender veal fillet or a rich panzerotti.


Restaurant All’Oro

Situated within The First Hotel, elegant All'Oro charms diners with its classy setting and sumptuous offerings. The chef often adds in playful tweaks to spice up a traditional Roman fare and is known to camouflage his dishes, masquerading them as another. One example would be the coda alla vaccinara , an oxtail stew that appears as a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. During the summer, be sure to reserve the small terrace located above the hotel's rooftop terrace. There, you can dine in an intimate setting that seats six while feasting on alluring panoramas of the city. 

La Matricianella

A dining experience at La Matricianella brings back memories of the olden days. The restaurant's quaint setting is reminiscent of scences right out of a 1950s postcard featuring customers dining shoulder-to-shoulder, tables covered with checkered cloths and friendly waiters who address you by name. You will find a selection of traditional Roman delights and Roman-Jewish dishes on the menu. Crowd pleasers include the fried antipasto, artichoke alla giudia, and meatballs. Booking is recommended, for the tables at this popular restaurant gets filled up at a rapid rate. 

Home-dining Experience with the Locals

If dining out at a restaurant does not sound quite like your cup of tea, opt for the unique experience of eating with the locals. At Alessandro's, you will enjoy a Roman feast overlooking the Vatican City. Amiable and affable, Alessandro's charming hospitality will set you and your partner at ease. Your meal will likely include starters such as crostini romani, a pasta dish, a second course such as a tender meat loaf or pork steak, crisp salads and a tantalizing dessert. We understand that some of us are die-hard fanatics of meats and grilled items, so a barbecue experience close to the Pope will suit the carnivorous palates of these diners to a T.

Travelers with a taste for Neapolitan cuisine will find an irresistible spread at Simona's. The Gold of Naples promises to be an unforgettable dining experience, featuring a five-course meal of dishes such as Rustico Napoletano, scaloppine al Limone, zucchine alla scapece and torta caprese. Ooh la la!

On certain days, with certain people, only a very special meal will do. When the occasion calls for this, you will not go wrong with a rooftop dining experience in Rome. A decadent dinner, gregarious host and a beautiful view over the picturesque city make for a very memorable night. 

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Where to Eat Like A Local in Rome

Where to Eat Like A Local in Rome

When it comes to eating like a local during your travels in Rome, be sure to abide by the golden rule – stray off the well-trodden path, and shun the buzzing restaurants frequented by tourist crowds.

It is time to try out that nondescript-looking eatery dishing out plates of scrumptious classics, or trail steathily behind the lunch crowds in a bid to discover the locals’ dining favourites. Or, better yet, why not dine in the homes of the locals, and savour an authentic homecooked meal during your sojourns? 

Where to eat like a local in Rome:

  • Breakfast

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do. Start your day the Italian way by opting for a light breakfast of croissants and coffee at Caffé Sant’Eustacchio.

If you are in an indulgent mood, you will not go wrong with making a stop by Dagnino. Take your pick from the impressive varieties of breakfast pastries available. The only problem is that you cannot have them all, so you will have to make a choice – will it be that pretty cannoli, colourful cassata siciliana or flaky danish?

Vacation makers can be sure that they are eating like a local during their travels, when they dine on homecooked meals prepared by the locals. At Emma’s, you are sure to start your day on the right note by tucking into a delicious spread of croissants, brioche and breakfast pastries, as well as the essential cup of aromatic cappuccino. If being an early bird is not your cup of tea, perhaps making arrangements for a late brunch date with Veronica will float your boat.


  • Lunch

After a day of exploring Rome’s charming streets, be sure to fill up your rumbling tummy with wholesome and tasty fare. If you are in the mood for something light, make a stop by Zia Rosetta, and opt for one of the well-made rosetta sandwiches packed to the brim with fresh, quality ingredients. Vacation makers in search of heartier fare will be satisfied with the selection of main courses at the vibrant Necci 1924 or cosy Da Tonino.

For a unique dining experience, venture off the beaten path by trying out a meal at an intriguing location. A seaside picnic in a Roman castle or romantic lunch by the scenic Tiber River may wind up being one of the highlights of your trip.

  • Dinner

Rome presents an inexhaustible amount of dining options for dinner. Seafood lovers will be glad to make a stop by The Market Trastevere for a fishy feast. When a restaurant dishes out a fine selection of quality fare, a simple meal promises to satisfy. This is the case at The Market Trastevere, and you will not go wrong with sticking to classics such as good ol’ fried calamari and lemon, crisp garlic bruschetta and glasses of white wine.

A second option is to cosy up at the atmospheric Old Bear. Venture down a quiet alley from Piazza Navona, and you will stumble upon an inviting restaurant dishing up traditional favourites such as pasta, bruschetta, lasagne and Tuscan soups. If you seek a cosier dining experience, why not try a heartwarming meal by the fireplace at Alessandra’s? If the heat of the summer does not permit a meal by the fireplace, Alessandra would be more than happy to fire up an outdoor barbecue instead.

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Travel Guide: Best Cafes in Rome

Travel Guide: Best Cafes in Rome

Regardless of where they venture to, caffeine junkies will always find it hard to kickstart their day without a cup of coffee. We have crafted this post specially for coffee addicts travelling in Rome – begin your days on the right note by getting a cuppa at one of these cafés, for they are known to serve up some of the best coffees in the city: 

Guests who arrive at Bar del Cappuccino will find the tiny café bustling with a lively buzz, for its fantastic brew, excellent espresso and winning service draws in plenty of customers. 


Caffé Tazza D’Oro has earned a reputation for offering one of the best boutique coffee in Rome. Be prepared to wait when you arrive at this charming café, for it attracts a long, snaking line of customers keen on getting a cup of their favourite espresso or cappucino. Once you have laid your hands on your long-awaited cup of coffee, you may opt to enjoy it at the spacious bar, or venture to one of the outdoor tables laid out along the corner of Via Pastini. 

Art lovers will enjoy savouring a cuppa within the ornate interiors of Canova Tadolini. Previously used as an atelier by an artist, the café is packed with stunning statues of classical busts, fountains and chevaliers on horses. Customers can feast on the sight of these striking works of art, as they enjoy their coffee in a fine setting containing furniture such as leather chairs and tables draped with pristine white cloths.

We have some advice for first-time visitors unsure of which beverage to order – you will not go wrong with the flavourful espress 'marocchino', a decadent drink containing a delightful combination of chocolate cream, coffee and cocoa powder. 

The excellent coffee at Giolitti draws an eclectic crowd of customers, ranging from coffee-loving travellers to politicians. Make a stop by for coffee, and you might end up rubbing shoulders with President Giorgio Napolitano. Apart from getting their fix of caffeine, customers have another reason for making repeated visits to Giolitti – this café is well known for serving a selection of award-winning ice cream. 

Coffee-making is a serious business at Il Caffé Sant’Eustacchio. Its owners travel to Brazil to source for the best coffee beans, so as it export it to Rome. This classic Roman bar may be small, but its coffee sure packs a punch. Guests will find the aroma and flavours of coffee to be present in just about everything sold at the café, ranging from its frappés and slushies, to luscious chocolate bars and cookies. These pastries have earned rave reviews from hordes of customers, so be sure to sample these sumptuous treats when you make a stop by at the café.

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Best Desserts In Rome: 7 Sweet Spots Not to Be Missed

Best Desserts In Rome: 7 Sweet Spots Not to Be Missed

Dessert-lovers in search of a gastronomic heaven will find their slice of paradise in Rome. Home to not just savory goodness from pasta and pizza, but also a myriad of best desserts that will surely leave the inner sweet tooth satisfied.

There is an incredible array of best dessert places, pastry shops, and bakeries in Rome that will definitely excite enthusiastic foodies keen on embarking on an Italian sweet treats culinary exploration, leaving them spoilt for choice.

No one wants to complain about having too many desserts, but there are only so many sweet treats that someone can stomach. You will have no regrets when you feast on the best, so be sure to make a stopover at these seven spots offering some of the best desserts in Rome.

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1. Pastiera Napoletana

Originating from Naples, the pastiera Napoletana is an Italian tart made with eggs, boiled wheat and ricotta cheese. The crisp pastry of this dessert hides a soft stuffing in a shade of golden yellow. Classic versions of the pastiera Napoletana are flavored with cinnamon and orange flower water, while modern twists to the original version incorporate unique flavors.

Try it: Savour this dessert in the most authentic way with BonAppetour’s Italian host, Simona a slice is sure to leave you yearning for more! As a home chef, she enjoys whipping up regional Italian dishes and taking her guests on a culinary journey to Napoli.

Find out what is Simona up to in her own kitchen now: Pastiera Napoletana with Host Simona

2. Tiramisu

Mmm… the tiramisu. We could go on forever about this delicate dessert that one can never get enough of – how its soft creaminess melts in your mouth, and how the hint of liqueur adds a kick to its rich coffee flavor.The cake, made from ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee, is layered with a filling made of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. It is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Try it: We are quite sure that you do not just want to hear all about how good this dessert tastes – Learn the recipe and try it for yourself when you dine with our host Francesca in Rome! Apart from desserts, she loves hosting and preparing traditional Italian meals for her guests. She believes that the wide variety of Italian food reflects her country’s cultures, dialects and heritage, which she is so passionate about.

Find out what is Francesca up to in her own kitchen now: Tiramisu with host Francesca

3. Sweet Salami with Hazelnut Cream

A glance at this dessert from afar, and one might be fooled into thinking that this log-shaped treat is a smoked meat meant to be served alongside a platter of savory cheeses. Peer closely, and you will find that slices of this dessert are colored in a deep, chocolate-brown hue, and studded with light brown flecks. Rome travelers who do not want to miss out on this.

Try it: Sample this intriguing treat will have your sugar cravings satisfied at a sumptuous dinner with our BonAppetour host, Alessandro! Experienced as a host, he is known to whip up a wide variety of dishes and desserts that will satisfy everyone’s craving. Did we mention that he serves wine at his dinners too?

Find out what is Alessandro up to in his own kitchen now: Sweet Salami with Hazelnut Cream at Alessandro’s

4. Gelato

Rome travelers with a love for icy treats must not miss out on making a stop by Fata Morgana. Located in the neighborhood of Salario-Trieste, vacation makers will find the store situated along a street from the popular Villa Ada park.

Gelato lovers who are adamant about sticking to traditional flavors will not be disappointed with the classic choices available at Fata Morgana, for you cannot go wrong with chocolate or pistachio and cream. Those with an adventurous palate will be keen to try a range of exotic flavors, such as a refreshing mojito mint and lime, tart blueberry cheesecake and intriguing-sounding rice pudding gelato.

Gelato from Fata Morgana does not only taste good – it is also made with wholesome ingredients. No colorings, gluten or chemicals are used in making its selection of top-quality gelatos.

Find out more now: Gelato at Fata Morgana

5. Ricotta Cannoli

Looking for a dessert to complete your meal? Everyone in Rome has to try this traditional Sicilian pastry dessert – Cannoli. The tube-shaped shells of the cannoli are made from frying pastry dough, before being filled with a sweet ricotta cream. The Ricotta Cannoli at I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza has proven to be a huge hit with locals and travelers. It is not overly sweet and the crisps of the pastry complement the dessert just nicely. Made in bite-sized portions, one is never enough.

Nestled in the corner by the road, the store is located at a perfect spot for anyone looking for a small snack while traveling around. So, be sure to make this place one of your must-try stops.

Find out more now: Ricotta Cannoli at I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

6. Torta Caprese

Chocoholics will find their slice of paradise at Said. Located in the San Lorenzo district of Rome, this chocolate bar has a longstanding history. Starting out as a chocolate factory dating back to 1923, Said has not stopped producing a fine selection of decadent treats ever since.

Be sure not to miss out on savoring a slice of delicious Torta Caprese, a rich cake made from chocolate and almonds. Do leave some space in your dessert stomach to savor the variety of truffles and torrones sold at the store.

Find out more now: Torta Caprese at Said

7. Cornetto

We are not quite sure if we would call the cornetto a dessert. A popular breakfast item among the Italians, the cornetto is the Italian variation of a croissant. Compared to the french variety, the cornetto is less buttery and flaky and has a greater density. This simple and delicious treat comes in many forms – it may be dusted with a sprinkling of sugar, glazed with a sticky syrup, or stuffed with Nutella, pastry cream or marmalade.

Travelers in Rome in search of a lovely cornetto to kick start their mornings should make a stop by Caffè Barberini. Do not let the nondescript setting of the cafe fool you, for it serves up one of the best cornettos in the city. Be sure it enjoy this delight the Italian way – order a plain cornetto, and dunk it into your cappuccino. Yum.

Find out more now: Cornetto at Caffè Barberini

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