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Best seafood in Rome: only Roman fish!!! Go aboard my braves!

Host Alessandro

$51.75 per guest


Looking for the best seafood in Rome? For this event, Tony, your Personal Chef and Sommelier, will be your captain! From my kitchen, Elena, my vice-captain, and I, will get you to travel to different ports around the world and show you the delicacies of our seas!

As always, I will personally choose the best wine to pair with each dish to get that perfect marriage between food and wine to perfectly enhance both flavours and allow you to have a unique and unforgettable experience of taste and smell! We'll offer you the best gourmet meal in Rome! Our vessel is always open for lunch and dinner! So take courage and jump on board!


Appetizer: Smoked salmon cannoli (with cream cheese) OR Fried anchovies OR Mussels and clams sauté OR Small taste of chickpeas‘cream with king prawns.

First course: Pennette with smoked salmon cream OR Spaghetti with tuna sauce OR Spaghetti with clams OR Fettuccine with shrimps sauce OR Orecchiette with seafood OR Risotto with seafood OR Risotto with scampi cream OR Fettuccine with tomatoes and king prawns OR Pasta with beens and mussels OR Venus rice salad with smoked salmon and vegetables OR Cold pasta with tuna, tomatoes, capers and black olives.

Second course: Anchovy pie OR Meatballs with tuna OR Mackerel in white wine OR Swordfish with tomatoes, capers and olives OR Bream baked with potatoes OR Bream with tomatoes OR Grouper fillet with curry sauce OR Shrimps au gratin.

Sides: Coleslaw with cherry tomatoes and carrots OR Vegetables au gratin OR Grilled vegetables OR Fennel salad with oranges and olives OR Cabbage and anchovy salad OR Mixed salad OR Sauteed chicory or beet or spinach OR Braised artichokes.

Dessert: Tiramisù OR Tony's muffins (with cinnamon and jam, without butter, milk and yeast) OR Sponge cake roll with hazelnut cream OR Caprese (dark chocolate and almond cake) OR Lemon Caprese (white chocolate, lemon, almonds) OR Brownies OR Cheesecake OR Tart with jam.


I live a short distance away from the Vatican City and St.Peter's, in a beautiful and quite neighbourhood. The way to my apartment is filled with cobblestoned pathways and beautiful old houses. As it is also on a hill, you can catch a glimpse of the Roman skyline, over the Vatican city.

In the summer, we can have dinner in my garden or on my rooftop!

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Hi, I'm Alessandro (Tony for my friends!). I'm a true Roman living very near the Vatican City and




from Warsaw

It's been our 1st experience with BonAppetour and Alessandro set the standards very high! The ambience was charmingon his terrace, with lemon trees around. The host and his girlfriend very hospitable, open and friendly. Alessandro prepared really fantastic dinner (and was flexible to arrange it at un-Italian hour to suit our needs), he also made special menu for my 11 month old daughter (she speciffically enjoyed the pasta:). Elena baked delicious cake. She was also charming entertainer of my daughter. The wine Alessandro selected for our menu was great as well. I regret that since some of our group can't speak English, we couldn't chat more with Alessandro and Elena. I highly recommend!

Stephen Blakey

Stephen Blakey

from United Kingdom

My partner and I had a very enjoyable evening with Alessandro and his girlfriend. Having previously corresponded via email, a very good seafood menu was produced along with an accompanying red wine (as requested as we prefer red to white). We arrived by taxi and the venue was easy to find. At the end of our meal, Alessandro offered to walk us to either the Metro or the bus stop but we chose to walk. He gave us very good directions and it only took 35 - 40 minutes back to our hotel (beside the Pantheon) much of it scenic. We had been made to feel very welcome and at home and enjoyed various topics of conversation with him and his girlfriend, ranging from local politics to film reviews to recipes amongst other things. Having a home cooked meal of our choosing, with local people in their own home was lovely, a really nice change to the bustling city and the many tourist restaurants. We will definitely return on our next visit to Rome.



from San Luis Potosi

Wow. We had an very memorable incredible dining experience with Allesandro and his lovely fiancee Elena. His place is a bit out of the way so I would suggest taking a taxi there if you are staying in the historic area of Rome or allow for at least an hour to get there via metros and trains. He is truly a fine chef. We opted for the seafood experience and it was well worth it. We had a shrimp appetizer in a chickpea sauce which was excellent, as was the seafood Risotto. Everything was wonderfully prepared. This was definitely the best meal we had in our entire 1 month trip in Europe, and one that we will never forget our entire lives. I would say to go in a group of 4 or more, as it did feel a bit awkward at times just having my wife and I and Alessandro and Elena, especially since my wife doesn't speak English. However that in no way detracts from the experience. We had a wonderful Romantic meal for sure, The bonus was the walk back from his place past the Vatican and along the Tiber to our apartment in historic Rome. About 3.5km but a wonderful after dinner walk. Thanks so much for opening your home for us to dine in and meet you Alessandro. Good luck to both of you!



from Frederick

One of our most memorable dining experiences in Rome was our evening spent with Alessandro and Elena. Not only was the food outstanding but they welcomed us warmly to their home. It was like dining with friends. Alessandro is an amazing chef. He served us a traditional Roman meal. The starter was a mouth watering salmon cannoli followed by a delicious pasta dish. The second course was fresh fish in a yummy sauce, typical Roman style. For dessert Elena prepared a tiramisu and a hazelnut roll cake. They were the some of the best desserts we've ever tasted! We sat around the table drinking wine and contemplating life! We would highly recommend this experience especially with Alessandro and Elena.



from San Mateo

Alessandro was incredibly welcoming and informative about how to get to his place and about the food we were served. We had the seafood meal and it was wonderful! It was also my husband's birthday and Alessandro made a fantastic chocolate cake to celebrate!

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