Tips for Packing Light When you Travel

Tips for Packing Light When you Travel

Packing light is not a travel tip that only budget travellers and backpackers swear by – seasoned travellers also see the benefits of going light on packing. A lighter suitcase will enable you to travel with greater ease and comfort, not to mention save you from excess baggage costs with airlines. Your shoulders and back will also be spared from the strain of heavyweight bags. On a side note, shopaholic-travellers will have enough space in their baggage to fit their purchases during their travels when they pack light! 

Carry less weight the next time you travel with these tips!

1. Do not pack your entire wardrobe 

Clothes take up a substantial amount of space in every traveller's suitcase. While a daily change of undergarments is non-negotiable for hygiene purposes, you do not need a completely different outfit for each day. In fact, you can have just enough clothing to last you through the duration of the trip and still look fashionable. Mix and match different pieces of clothing – neutral-coloured clothes are easiest to pair with other items. If you are concerned about clothes smelling bad, consider bringing a small amount of detergent to do some washing but be mindful that this will work best if you are staying in the same accommodation throughout your travels. 

Before you begin packing, do check the weather conditions of the destination you are headed to have an idea of what sort of clothing you will need. Fashion-conscious travellers may also want to think about their daily attire before deciding on which clothes to bring along. 

2. Check amenities offered at your accommodation

Depending on the accommodation that you stay in, amenities such as hairdryers, kettle, toiletries, shower cap or sewing kits may be provided. Should the amenities that you need to use be provided, you will not have to pack them into your suitcase. Your suitcase will be lighter and you will have more space to fit other essentials.

3. Toiletries

If you have to bring toiletries along, pack them into travel-sized containers and bottles. Simply buy some travel-sized empty bottles and load your existing shampoo, shower gel and cleanser into them. Use a toiletry bag to organise your toiletries and ensure that your bottles and containers are tightly sealed to prevent spills – you may place them in a plastic bag for extra security. If you use makeup, bring only the basics and bring travel-sized ones if possible. You really do not need your entire collection of makeup. 

Bear in mind that you may not have the time for an extensive routine during your holiday so only bring the toiletries that you will use. Do not worry about running out of toiletries – if you stay in a hotel, it is highly likely that the basics such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are provided. 

4. Shoes

Where possible, make do with a pair of comfortable shoes in tip-top condition and you will not have to bring additional footwear along. If you intend to bring a second pair of shoes, wear the one that is heavier and bulkier on the day you travel around to save space and weight in your suitcase. You should also place the shoe in a dustbag or shower cap to prevent clothes and other items in your suitcase from getting stained and dirty.

5. Electronic gadgets

Many of us are inseparable from our electronic gadgets and it comes as no surprise that they accompany us on our travels. But they can be a hindrance to packing light so you should only bring the devices you need. Apart from your mobile phone, consider bringing only one other gadget, such as your compact tablet. Remember that you will also need to bring chargers along, which will occupy space and weight in your suitcase. Fewer chargers will mean more space and weight! 

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