How to Take the Perfect Travel Selfie

How to Take the Perfect Travel Selfie


Don't get us wrong- We are always grateful to the kind strangers who will take photos for us during our travels. But let's face it, we are sometimes left with photos that are blurred or captured from undesired angles. If we are at locations that are less populated and travelling solo, we only have ourselves to rely on if we want our faces in photos. 

Taking the perfect selfie requires a combination of equipment and skill. Here are some ways we can capture the best self-shots!

1. Selfie stick 

With a selfie stick, you no longer have to worry about having a hugely magnified face in your photos. All you have to do is to place your smart phone in the clamp and adjust the stick to a desirable length and angle before you take the shot, getting in all those beautiful landscapes. Some come with a separate bluetooth remote to take the shots while others have a built-in button.

Do take care when using the selfie stick so that it does not become a hazard to yourself and others. It will also be helpful to note the list of places where selfie sticks are banned so that you do not get caught off-guard. 

2. Timer function

Even if you are in a place where the selfie stick is banned, there is nothing to stop you from taking selfies. The timer function in your cameras exists for a reason. Simply hold your camera up and angle to a desired position before activating the timer. Opt for a delay period so that you have enough time to steady your hands and your photos are less likely to turn out blurred.  

Some smart phones have a timer function but if yours does not, simply download a self-timer application and get snapping away!

3. Background matters

The background is just as important as your face as the travel selfie should show the places that you have visited. Strike a balance between face and background by positioning your camera or smart phone such that your face is at a corner so that the background will be more prominent in your selfie. Your camera or smart phone will also need to be sufficiently far away from you for that. 

Even if you do not have long arms, you can make use of a selfie stick so that your travel selfies show your face and enough of the background!

4. Lighting

Lighting conditions will affect how your travel selfies turn out, not to mention your facial expressions. A perfect travel selfie is taken in optimum lighting conditions and if you will be outdoors, the best time to take that selfie is during sunrise or sunset as the sun is lower and light conditions are more flattering.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, avoid taking your travel selfie in overhead lighting or your photos will show dark shadows under your eyes. Nobody wants their travel selfies to show dark circles, even if we have them. 

5. Look Good

A travel selfie should look flattering so do what you can to look your best! Looking good will make you feel good and when you feel better about yourself, it will show in your travel selfies!

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