5 Blogs about Travelling as a Mom that you should totally read

5 Blogs about Travelling as a Mom that you should totally read

We all know that having a child dramatically changes how you live your life, especially for the mother. However, we have found some amazing and passionate moms who continue their exploration of the world with the kids in tow. Learn how to not only go on a family vacation, but how to have a family travel experience with these fantastic blogs

1.  Travel with Bender

"Caius and Mia Bender are probably the most well-traveled young children in the world." – Forbes

Australian mom Erin began her life of nomadic travel in 2012, and she hasn’t looked back since! Her journey began when children, Caius and Mia, were 2 and 3 years old- that’s what we call brave! With over 60 countries under her belt, Erin believes if an ordinary family from Perth can take the plunge, then so can you. She has a wealth of experience to share with you in the form of insightful articles (over 1000 and counting!) Head on over to their site and read about the Bender family’s inspiring journey.

2. Bohemian Travelers

This bohemian-loving family decided to swap the daily grind in the USA for world exploration, using the world as their children’s teacher. Their blog is a great source of travel tips, tech advice, and inspiration to go after your dreams, leaving the rat race behind.

3. Flashpacker Family

This blog is all about living in the moment, without planning too far into the future. The “flashpacker” family left their New Zealand home in 2014, and have visited the USA and Canada extensively by car, spent some time in Mexico and explored Europe as a family. Follow their blog to find out about how the fund their travelling lifestyle, how they pack and how they manage the kids when travelling the world.

4. Travel Savvy Mom

It’s all in the name! Travel Savvy Mom is about giving moms tips to encourage them to see the world with the family in tow. Author Jamie Pearson came up with the blog back in 2003, being so well established you are bound to be travelling better after you read her posts, which are “a fun mix of reviews, tips, and personal travel experiences”

5. Baby Globetrotters

Upon the birth of her first baby, Keri Hedrick presumed, as many new mothers do, that her travelling days were numbered. But she didn’t let the thought of travelling with three children phase her, and now she blogs about her experience and what she has learnt about different cultures and how expatriate life affects parenting.


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