Things to do in Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm

The Swedish capital is built on 14 islands and located at the heart of Scandinavia. It is home to an abundance of green spaces and boasts stunning waterfront views which leave many struck by its beauty. But that is not all that Stockholm has to offer. With a medieval centre, cultural festivals in summer and a host of museums, Stockholm is undoubtedly a vibrant city that everyone must visit!

Let us be your guides in Stockholm.

1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the Old Town in Stockholm and one of the largest medieval centers in Europe. While the Old Town was established in 1300, many of its buildings were built between 1700 to 1800. Here you will find narrow yet charming and tranquil alleys, cobbled streets, merchant houses and meeting sqaures. This attraction is popular with visitors and locals alike and in fact houses other attractions such as the Royal Palace and Storkyrkan. 

2. Skansen

Visit the world's first open-air museum, which housesa miniature form of the whole of Sweden. Discover Sweden's history and culture over 5 centuries and learn about how people in various parts of the country lived and work in different periods. Skansen is also home to Stockholm's zoo, which houses animals that are native to Scandinavia. Families with young children, history buffs and animal-loving travellers will not want to miss a trip to Skansen! 

3. Vasa Museum

This museum is dedicated to the Vasa, a warship that sank on its maiden voyage in the 17th century. The Vasa was only salvaged in 1961 after over 300 years in the water and in the years that followed, tremendous efforts were made to preserve and restore as much of the warship. While the 69-meter long warship is undoubtedly the highlight of the museum, there are also other exhibits that detail life on board the ship and how ships are made. 

4. ABBA Museum

We couldn't talk about Sweden without mentioning its biggest export…Fans of the Swedish pop group will not want to miss a trip to this museum! Here, you will not only find the music and lyrics to the tunes of ABBA but also the costumes, memorabilia and films of the group. The lives and experiences of ABBA members are also detailed at this museum. If you are confident of your vocal abilities, you may sing your favourite ABBA song on the stage as the fifth member of the group! With interactive exhibits and non-stop music at the museum, you will indeed walk in and dance out!

5. Djurgarden

Djurgarden is where many of the city's highly rated museums are situated. These include the Vasa Museum, Nordic Museum and Skansen. But beyond the museums, Djurgarden is also an oasis in the vibrant city, with plenty of green spaces and a gorgeous waterfront view. Lovers of art and nature will find Djurgarden a haven!

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