Our Guide to Chocolate Festivals in Europe

Our Guide to Chocolate Festivals in Europe

Chocolate is one of world's best-loved treats. It is also incredibly versatile, as the numerous foods and beverages that incorporate chocolate show. There are even festivals around the world that celebrate this delightful treat – with plenty of the good stuff to go around to satisfy even the most hardcore chocolate lovers! 

Sweet-toothed ravellers will want to consider attending these chocolate festivals as they plan their next holiday!

1. The Chocolate Festival – UK

The Chocolate Festival takes place over 4 locations in the UK, namely London, Oxford, Brighton and Bristol. This festival will give all chocoholics out there the opportunity to savour a great variety of artisan chocolate from the finest chocolatiers all over the world! All things chocolate can be found at this festival, whether it is hot chocolate, chocolate cake and even chocolate cocktails! You can also learn how to create your own chocolate! 

2. Eurochocolate – Italy

Eurochocolate takes place in city of Perugia in October and is one of the biggest chocolate festivals in Europe. The creations of well-known local and international makers, such as Perugina and Lindt, feature at this festival. Besides an endless flow of chocolate and chocolate-flavoured foods, another highlight of this festival are the beautiful sculptures made of…chocolate! The sweet aroma of chocolatey goodness is indeed thick in the air in Perugia during the festival!

3. Choco-late – Belgium

When you visit a country renowned for its chocolates, buying and eating them will simply not be enough. Complete the experience by attending the Choco-late festival at Belfort Museum in the city of Bruges next time you visit Belgium! Held over the span of 4 days, this festival celebrates Belgian chocolate as well as its chocolatiers! You will get to see chocolate statues, see chocolate exhibits as well as broaden your knowledge about the history of chocolate and how it is made while indulging your sweet desires. There are even free samples to go around – chocolate-lovers may just suffer an overdose! (If that's even possible)

4. ChocolART – Germany

ChocolART is Germany's biggest and most important chocolate festival, held in the university town of Tubingen in December. This festival is a platform for leading chocolatiers and manufacturers from all over the world to showcase their finest creations while those who attend will have the pleasure of indulgence. The charm of Tubingen also contributes to the festive atmosphere and with exquisite chocolate to enjoy, there is so much to love about this charming festival!

5. Le Salon du Chocolat – France

Held in Paris over 5 days in October, Le Salon du Chocolat is a chocolate festival that combines chocolate and fashion (of course it does…It's Paris!) This festival features chocolate from both local and international artisans as well as renowned chocolate brands. Attendees will not only get to indulge in plenty of chocolate but also learn about the world of chocolate from the manufacturers' perspective. The chocolate fashion show is a highlight of this festival, featuring designs that not only celebrate chocolate but are even made of it! Only at Le Salon du Chocolat can fashion be this sweet!

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