Schnitzel Making 101

Schnitzel Making 101

Schnitzel – a tantalizing cutlet made from chicken, pork or even turkey that is traditional to most European countries was the menu for Sunday’s dinner with our Polish guests! A fun trip shopping together at the grocery store for the ingredients followed by our guests demonstrating the method of cooking, called for a fun-filled evening ahead. Now it’s time to share the incredibly crispy, succulent, mouthwatering Schnitzel recipe.

Ingredients (from left): Eggs, Breadcrumbs, Flour, Pork slices (hammered)

After dipping the pork slices into the eggs, coated with flour, back into the eggs and finally coated with breadcrumbs, they were shallow fried over a medium-high heat. 

While our guests were frying the Schnitzel’s away, we decided to cook up a Swedish classic – Rosti! Here’s Rinita preparing the Rosti.

A “sinful” dinner of fried rosti and fried schnitzel cooking away!

The happy chef plating away!

Finally, the outcome =)

The BonAppetour experience on a lovely Sunday evening of the Swedish winter =)

Signing off,
Hitakshi aka The Photographer =)

P.S. Our guests are chefs back in Poland, and they run an Italian and Greek cuisine restaurant! Dinner was extremely YUMMY!

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