Treat Yourself Right This Summer: All the Must See and Must Do’s

Treat Yourself Right This Summer: All the Must See and Must Do's

As spring and summer approaches Paris, here are a few things that I would like to do – Engage in some Al Fresco brunches, hang out by the canal, try some of the best ice creams in town, watch some performance art and maybe indulge in some the film festival and concert life.

If you are into any of that, here are some of the places you can go to get a taste of that summer lovin’

La Bellevilloise

Imagine a huge warehouse, air-conditoned, the roof is transparent so the light comes pouring in at any time of the day and huge trees planted around the warehouse that look like young oak trees with its leaves hanging over. The scent of the trees and flowers fill the warehouse. In addition, the sweet savoury smell of food cooking in the kitchen and conversations from tables flying all around you, make this a unique place to hang out at. The la belle villoise, used to be a building the houses the capitals first workers but have now turned into a bar, restaurant, club, exhibition space and a place to host regular film and music festivals at the top level. Food, service, atmosphere and people, La belle villoise gets it right all the time.

Marche des Engants Rouges

Marche des Engants Rouges was built in 1615, named after an orphanage that used to occupy the site. One of Paris oldest covered market hidden away from the public eye behind an inconspicuous green metal gate. A maze of food stalls that is ready to impress you with the wide range of food choices available. From Italian, Lebanese, African, Japanese and other stalls. It is definitely one of Paris more atmospheric food markets that you should definitely visit!

Chez Casimir

I am sure you have at least been to a restaurant that have served you quite a generous serving before but Chez Casimir takes it to the next level. 
Non-stop food being served from 10am to 7pm. Watch as your plate fills up with their exceptional country bread, seafood, boudin, smoked salmon, salads, omelettes, beef bourguignon and so much other hearty foods! You will be spoiled for choice.

Bob’s Bake shop

This is one shop where you will see crowds drawing near from far and why? Made freshly and on the spot NewYork-styled bagels that are available in flavours such as poppyseed, onion and pumpernickel (and who else knows what other funny flavours) that taste absolutely sublime. Eat these Bagels in whatever way you like together with their equally as good coffee too!

Festival Silhouette

A festival organised since 2002, showcasing short films from late august to early september in the outdoors. This festival aims to recreate the feeling of long summer days – showing over 100 films of all different types of generes. Alongside these films, there will also be live music concerts, video installations and exhibitions.

Cinéma en Plein Air à La Villette 2015

Cinema en Plein Air a La Villette is a amazingly popular free open air cinema festival that usually airs in Parc de La villette. This festival showcases classical films to the best releases in recent years. (some of the directors of the films include Kubrick, Hitchcock, Tati, Godard, Cukor, Wilder and Hayao Miyazaki). A perfect festival to relax and sip some wine under the stars as some of the best classics play on.

Paris Plages 

If I could sum up Paris in the summer with one event, it would be the Paris Plages (Paris Beach). Available at the right banks of the seine river where you can sun tan and relax on sun chairs covered in sand, the large square facing Hotel de Ville where beach activities take place and Bassin de la Villette where all the water activities are located.

Some of the activities include art galleries, dance floors for you to dance, tai-chi lessons, beach volley, basketball, rugby, pedal boats, electric boats and so much more that you can explore. This is one of the best ways to discover beautiful summer laid-back Paris.

La Petite Ceinture

This summer if you are looking for little adventure and a photo expedition, La petite Ceinture is the place you should go and visit. This place was a former Parisian railway that connected the Paris main railway that has been abandoned since 1934. Bring a torch light to explore its grimy industrial charms.
Once at the Ceinture, the urban bustle fades away replaced by graffiti and dense undergrowth. There are three officially open sections and venturing beyond that is technically illegal but that doesn't stop many from entering the rest. There are several entry points that are not policed and you can google them to find out how to get there.

Note: Known for petty crime, you shouldn't venture out alone or in the night, always bring a torch so that you can venture into the pitch-black tunnels and last but not least, wear shorts or pants as you will be required to climb over fenses and high platforms to explore the place 😉

leave a comment in the section below if you explored the place and share your pictures with us! We would love to see them!

La Fête Foraine des Tuileries

An annual traditional funfair where children and adults can come together to enjoy for a 2 month period. There will be a total of 80 different attractions ranging from bumper cars, trampolines, rock climbing, giant slides, zip wires, ghost rides to Merry-go-rounds dating from 1900 and a modern carousell that will swing you into he air at a speed of 140km/h. If you are hungry you can seek a quick sugar rush at the many stalls there serving crepes, beignets, churros, ice cream and of course a funfair must have, candy floss.

Know of any other cool places and things you could do in the summer? Leave a comment in the section below! We would love to hear from you.

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