Food Bites: Lamb Steak with Kale Caesar Salad

Food Bites: Lamb Steak with Kale Caesar Salad

Lamb chops – most either love it or hate it, for the meat boasts a strong flavour. If you and your friends fall under the first category, why not try whipping up a lamb dish at your next dinner party? After all, it is a versatile meat that can be prepared with a variety of methods. When cooked properly, lamb meats are juicy and tender, serving as an irresistible main that will delight meat lovers. 

Grilling: Charred Goodness

Meat lovers who are pressed for time will find grilling to be the best cooking method to prepare a mean dish of lamb chops, or a juicy burger. Dry brine the lamp chops. If you have additional time on hand, salt the lamb about forty minutes before grilling the meat. This process helps to release the moisture in the meat. It reabsorbs the moisture after a period of time, leading to a greater concentration in flavours. 

Braising: Moist and Tender

Braising the meat at a low heat helpt to tenderise the meat by breaking down the fibers, and can be done using the stove, oven or a slow cooker. This cooking method is ideal for less tender cuts of meat, such as the shoulder, shanks and ribs.


Roasting: Crisp 'N Golden

During roasting, the meat is uncovered during the cooking process, in order to create a crisp and browned exterior and moist interiors. This cooking works best for tender cuts, such as the rack and loin portions from the leg of the lamb. 

Pan-frying: Quick 'N Easy

Pan-frying will suit cooking enthusiasts who are pressed for time, for it is the quickest way to cook the meat. Use a heavy-based pan for maximum heat retention., as such pans heat evenly and retain the heat well. Ideally, the meat should have a minimum thickness of 15 milimetres. 

Now that you know how to whip up a delicious lamb dish, it is time to whip up your cooking utensils and embark on a culinary adventure of preparing a sumptuous lamb dinner! If you are in need of some inspiration, we have an excellent recipe on hand…

Picture a large, white plate, laden with a gorgeous cut of lamb, cooked to a beautiful brown colour. A crisp salad sits by the side, accompanied by a generous scoop of creamy risotto. This, folks, is a mouthwatering dish of lamb steak with kale caesar salad. Hop on over to British Corner Shop for the recipe, and get cracking!


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