3 Handy D.I.Y. Gift Ideas – Ready in a Snap!

3 Handy D.I.Y. Gift Ideas - Ready in a Snap!

Have you been invited to a dinner party by a welcoming host, but have no idea about the types of gifts you can bring over to their party to show your appreciation?

Fret not – we’ve done a dinner party research (on your behalf), and present you three quick and easy D.I.Y. gift ideas that you can prepare for your hosts when you attend your next dinner party!

1. Homemade Brownie Mix

We’ve had the experience of biting into brownie squares made from store-bought brownie mix that are either cloyingly sweet, or contain a faint chemical aftertaste. With homemade mixes, you can alter the amount of sugar added to suit different taste buds, and eliminate the use of chemical preservatives often found in commercial products.

Why not surprise your hosts by throwing together a homemade brownie mix prepared specially for them? Attach a handwritten recipe on the label of your brownie mix to add a personalised touch to your gift.

2. Homemade Extracts

Food extracts are handy ingredients in any home cook’s kitchen, for they can be added to give a flavourful kick to baked treats. Bottles of extracts sitting prettily on the kitchen counter also serve as decorative kitchen ornaments, adding on bright pops of colour to your kitchen.

You will need to plan ahead if you want to prepare homemade extracts for your hosts, as these extracts need to sit for a minimum period of two to four weeks, before they are ready for use.

3. D.I.Y. Bath Bombs

Everyone loves a leisurely and luxurious soak in the tub. Try delighting your hosts by making an aromatic selection of homemade bath bombs for them!

We have a tip – do not dispose of old miniature muffin pans, for they can be used to prepare these bath bombs. You can package these bath bombs in pretty glass jars when they have solidified, and tie colourful strings of ribbons around the opening of the jar.

Seeking home-dining experiences or home-made meals in exotic locations around the world? We’ll help you out!

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