8 Simple Ways to Become a Great Host

8 Simple Ways to Become a Great Host

If there’s one thing we all appreciate most and remembering several years down the road is the feeling of being welcome in someone’s home. Whether it is meeting a family for the first time ever while couch surfing, or just joining a couple of locals for dinner at their place, the homely feeling is something that all of us, as human-beings, cherish. Making someone feel welcome at your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. The aim is to add small touches that let your guests know you care. 

Join us on the go-to guide for welcoming a guest to your home! 

  1. Provide the basic Information.


Always email and text your address, phone number, transportation information before your guest arrives. That way, they will be able to find their way to your home without getting lost.

      2. Be yourself. 

Guests aren’t expecting a perfectly immaculate house, they are at your place to build friendships and have a fun time! So do not pressure or stress yourself too much. 

      3. Let your guests be themselves.

Mean it when you say, “make yourself at home.” This is within reason, of course – don’t let manipulative people treat you like a doormat, and basic house rules must be followed.


       4. Keep it simple. 

Limit the guest list to what you are comfortable with. Choose a neutral table setting that lets your colourful centrepiece flowers pop. If you are having floral centrepieces, the rule is to keep them low enough that guests can talk over them. You don’t want your guests craning their necks just to make conversation. 

Tip for small spaces: If you don’t have a big enough dinner table to host a large gathering, bring in a folding table for the night and cover it with an elegant table cloth. 


          5. Music. 

Music is one of the easiest ways to create an ambiance for your dinner party. Keep in mind that while background music prevents awkward silences during the meal, the volume should be kept low enough that it won’t interfere with conversation. 

          6. Dinner

Make sure that you’ve asked all of your guests ahead of time if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. You don’t want anyone to go hungry or feel awkward refusing food. Prepare dishes that you have made before. The day of your dinner party is not the time to experiment with that elaborate soufflé recipe you saw on the Food Network. Your guests will appreciate a simple, home-cooked meal as much as something more gourmet. 

           7. Dessert.

Dessert is the best way to ensure that everyone’s night will end on a sweet note. It’s also nice to offer coffee or tea with dessert. 


           8. Relax and have fun.

Hosting a dinner party should be enjoyable for the host too. Once your guests have arrived, relax and enjoy yourself along with them. Resign yourself to the fact that dishes can be done the next morning. Tonight, enjoy the good company, delightful ambiance, and delicious food you put so much work into. Or, take up a guest’s offer to wash. Grateful guests are truly happy to help.

Tell us your experience of hosting a guest for a meal at home!

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