11 Unique Japanese Snacks

11 Unique Japanese Snacks

1. Otoko Kaoru

While this might look like a normal chewing gum at the first glance, I can assure you that it is not. This gum has the function of making your sweat smells like rose after consumption. If you are going on a date and worry about body smell, pop one of these in your mouth!

2. Curry Lemonade

This is not something for the weak stomached. A lemon and curry flavoured drink…We do not know who came up with this combination, but it might just be the worst in the world. 

3. Diet Water

This might be suitable for people who literally can get fat from drinking water. There is hope guys.

4. Tamagogani

Forget the usual cinema snacks of chips or popcorn…Why not try these crunchy dried little hermit crabs? They are preserved in their natural foam, fried and then seasoned. Delicious.

5. Wasp Crackers

The only good thing about this snack is that the wasps are definitely dead when they are put into these crackers so they will not sting you. Still, kudos to those who are willing to give this a try, think of the extra protein intake! 

6. Ice Cucumber Pepsi

This might be a product produced to combat the hot weather in Japan during summer. However judging from the colour, it looks just like a regular mint flavoured drink.

7. Syringe candies

Many hospitals are making their medicine taste more like candies so that children would not hate them. However, it seems to be the reverse in this case. Candy jellos are made into syringe shapes. Not sure this would appeal to the children when they see the needle.

8. Bust Up Gum

This might be especially suitable for ladies who are less well endowed. This gum claims that they can make your breasts fuller and firmer. Other added benefits that come with this are thicker and stronger nails.

9. Chocolate Coated Ika

Ika are squids and, as the name suggests, they have been generously coated with chocolate. Although lets not give the Jpanese all the credit for unique snacks…The French also have chocolate coated ants. 

10. Grilled Lamb Flavoured Caramel Sweets

If you are stuck at work and feels extremely hungry, you might want to try this out. The grilled lamb flavoured caramels might fill up your empty stomach. The sweetness of the caramel can almost pass off as the sweetness that comes from grilled lamb.

11. Grilled Corn Kit Kat

We all know that the Kit Kat comes in so many flavours that it is almost uncountable. This is just one of them. Grilled corn flavour together with wafer and chocolate, a strange combination indeed.

What crazy snacks have you heard of? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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