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Cucina Italiana! - Fresh Pasta and Tiramisù Cooking Class

Host The Carettos

$74.18 per guest

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Start time

Morning- 11am, Evening- 6:30 pm


3 - 3.5 hrs

Group size

2 to 6

Class language


Meeting point

Our address will be given upon booking confirmation


Food is an alternative and delicious way to learn about a country’s culture and history, especially Italy’s. Join us in our home for an immersive and engaging cooking lesson where you will learn how to prepare pasta from scratch and a classic Italian dessert, tiramisù. Other dessert options are also available if you'd like alternatives.

You’ll also hear about the origins of each dish and personal tips for cooking authentic Italian cuisine. Your hard work will be rewarded when you sit down to your very own home-cooked meal (appetizer, first course and dessert) with a good bottle of wine. Buon appetito!

The recipes can be sent to you after the class via email on request, so you can try them on your own back at home.

The timings stated are rough guides.


Homemade pasta with a choice of 1 of the following sauces:

1) all'amatriciana: pork belly, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), tomatoes, bell pepper
2) al ragu - minced meat (pork and beef), red wine, tomato sauce
3) alla carbonara - guanciale (pork cheek), eggs, pecorino/parmigiano
4) al datterini confit e pancetta - cherry tomato confit and pork belly
5) alla buttera - tomato sauce, olives, Italian sausage

1) crema di peperone e ricotta - bell pepper and ricotta cream
2) alla sorrentina - tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil
3) alla norma - eggplant, seasoned ricotta, basil, tomato sauce
4) al pesto - basil, pine nuts, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), garlic
5) ai funghi porcini - porcini mushrooms, white wine, cream
6) al gorgonzola e noci - blue cheese and walnut sauce (nut-free version available on request)
7) alla crema di zucchine - zucchini and cheese cream

1) Tiramisù classico: -Traditional recipe with pasteurized eggs, savoiardi, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa
2) Dolce tricolore - layered chilled dessert with crushed amaretti aromatized with pistachio liquor, topped with sweetened ricotta, seasonal fruit compote
3) Limonisu - lemon tiramisu with eggs, savoiardi, limoncello (lemon liquor), lemon-mascarpone cream
4) Dolce ai fichi - no-bake, chilled dessert containing crushed amaretti cookies, whipped and lightly sweetened ricotta, figs caramelised with balsamic vinegar
5) Torta "Black Magic" - olive oil, red wine and dark chocolate baked dessert. Tastes like a dream, between a cake and a mousse.
6) Fantasia di Caffe - chilled layered dessert containing crushed amaretti cookies, coffee and ricotta cream, topped with dark chocolate and olive oil sauce (eggless)
7) Dolce ai fichi - chilled, layered dessert of savoiardi base, topped with sweetened ricotta cream and garnished with figs caramelised with balsamic vinegar

Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests as well as any dietary specifications we should know about!


Central location in Prati close to metro A. Who knows... You might just be treated to live music by Matteo!

Contact Host


The Carettos

The Carettos

We are an inter-racial couple from two corners of the world. She is an actress/English teacher/yoga




from Sydney

We had the best time with Nadia and Matteo! They were both very welcoming and so knowledgeable about food (as well as many of their other passions). Highly recommend to anyone travelling to Rome :)




We wish we had done this upon our Rome arrival..this was by far the highlight of an already amazing vacation. We cruised 10 days all over Europe and meeting and dining with Nadia and Matteo was the highlight! I would give this experience 10 stars if I could. The food was delicious, we laughed, we rolled pasta, we shrunk Atlantic distances and sealed the deal with flavorful tiramisu, perfect pasta and local limoncello. We will be sure to see our new friends when we return to Rome :)

Payal Parikh

Payal Parikh

from Buena Park

It was an amazing experience with Matteo and Nadia. They were such a great hosts and amazing cooks. They made the entire process so simple, easy and enjoyable. They were extremely helpful and gave really good tips and advice. We had such a great time that we didn't even realize what time it was. Pasta and and desert were so delicious that we can't wait to try making them at home. It was an afternoon well spent!

Jamilah jaffer

Jamilah jaffer


We had an amazing experience. From the offset, the Carettos were so friendly & helpful by adapting their menu to suit us and they welcomed us into their house so warmly. The food they taught us to make was absolutely delicious and we especially valued all their advice about places to visit and particularly food places, markets & products to try, all of which we went to! Would highly recommend this is anyone travelling to Rome, incredible experience & so worth it!



from New York

We had an amazing evening with Nadia and Matteo and highly recommend spending a wonderful pasta making class and evening with them. They're were so welcoming and the best teachers. We had some incredible food, wine, and a lovely evening with the Carettos, making it one of our favorite nights of our trip.

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