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Cucina Italiana- Fresh Pasta and Tiramisù Cooking Class

Host The Carettos

$79.51 per guest

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Morning- 10.30 OR 11am, Evening- 6 OR 6:30 pm


3-3.35 hrs

Group size

2 to 6 (max 8 during the summer)

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Our address will be given upon booking confirmation


Food is a delicious way to learn about a country’s culture and history, especially Italy’s. Join us in our home for an immersive and engaging cooking lesson where you will learn how to prepare pasta from scratch and a classic Italian dessert, tiramisù. Other dessert options are also available!

You’ll also hear about the origins of each dish and personal tips for cooking authentic Italian cuisine. Your hard work will be rewarded when you sit down to your very own home-cooked meal (appetizer, first course and dessert) with a good bottle of wine. Buon appetito!

The recipes will be sent to you after the class via email, so you can try them on your own back at home.

The timings stated are rough guides.


Homemade pasta with a choice of 1 of the following sauces:

1) all'amatriciana: pork belly, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), tomatoes, bell pepper
2) al ragu - minced meat (pork and beef), red wine, tomato sauce
3) alla carbonara - guanciale (pork cheek), eggs, pecorino/parmigiano
4) alla buttera - tomato sauce, olives, Italian sausage
5) ai fagioli - beans and pork belly in tomato sauce (vegetarian option available)

1) crema di peperone e ricotta - bell pepper and ricotta cream
2) alla sorrentina - tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil
3) alla norma - eggplant, seasoned ricotta, basil, tomato sauce
4) al pesto - basil, pine nuts, pecorino (sheep milk cheese), garlic
5) ai funghi - mushrooms, parsley, garlic (porcini mushrooms subject to seasonal availability)
6) al gorgonzola e noci - blue cheese and walnut sauce (nut-free version available on request)
7) alla crema di zucchine - zucchini and cheese cream

1) Tiramisù classico: -Traditional recipe with pasteurized eggs, savoiardi, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa
2) Dolce tricolore - layered chilled dessert with crushed amaretti aromatized with our homemade limoncello, topped with sweetened ricotta and seasonal fruit compote
3) Limonisù - lemon tiramisù with eggs, lemon, mascarpone (limoncello optional)4) Torta "Black Magic" - olive oil, dark chocolate and mascarpone layered cake. Tastes like a dream, between a cake and a mousse.
5) Fantasia di Caffe - chilled layered dessert containing crushed amaretti cookies, coffee and ricotta cream, topped with dark chocolate and olive oil sauce (eggless)
6) Bicchierino di Stelle - chilled, layered dessert of Pan di Stelle (chocolate hazelnut cookies), nutella or dark chocolate, fresh cream, milk/coffee
10) Riso alle fragole - risotto rice flavoured with fresh strawberries, served with sweetened ricotta cream (gluten-free)
11) Gioia di Chiaia - lemon and extra-virgin olive oil cake; tart, refreshing, moist and dense!


We are in the Prati neighbourhood close to the Metro A line, Cipro station to be exact. Our neighbourhood is 10-15 minutes away from the Vatican on foot.

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The Carettos

The Carettos

We are an inter-racial couple from two corners of the world. She is an actress/English teacher/yoga





We were s family of 6 adults visiting from the USA and UK. We stayed in Rome for three days and and all agreed that this experience was the highlight. Nadia and Matteo are amazing hosts. Not only is the cooking experience wonderful but they have such a depth of knowledge on a wide array of topics from foid to wine to music to travel to many more. 100 percent recommend.

Zoltán Baktai

Zoltán Baktai

from Gyula

Matteo was a fantastic host, we really enjoyed the spaghetti makin procedure, great time! Awesome program! Excellent food, wine and hospitality! Wow, hats off!! 10/10!!

Julie Poehlmann-Tynan

Julie Poehlmann-Tynan


We had such a lovely time at the Carettos learning how to make spaghetti alla chitarra and tiramisu classico! Nadia and Matteo were knowledgable, friendly hosts and the food and atmosphere were truly amazing. This was a wonderful addition to our Roman Holiday! They even sent the recipes to us via email so we can recreate our meal for family and friends. Thank you!




This is a have too!!!! They are such a warming couple and really know a lot about cooking and Italian background!!! We learned things we didn’t know before!!! They are a experience to have in the beginning of a trip though that’s our only mistake, is that we did it at the end!!!



from Burlington

We had a great time at our class with Matteo and Nadia! It was definitely the highlight of our daughter's time in Rome, and we all continue talking about it every day. The food was amazing but we also learned a lot about Italian cuisine, spices, regional differences, etc. Highly recommend it!

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$79.51 per guest


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