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Gnocchi and Dessert making Class

Host Nadia

$83.69 per guest

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Start time

10am (lunchtime class) or 4.30pm (dinnertime class)


3-3.5 hours

Group size

2-6 guests

Class language

English (basic Spanish and Malay also available)

Meeting point

Our address will be given upon booking confirmation


"Giovedì gnocchi, venerdì pesce e sabato trippa..."

Or so the Roman saying goes. Gnocchi might be traditionally eaten every Thursday but hey, I think you can make them any day of the week (besides no one really follows that rule anymore)!

Learn the tips to get the right consistency and mouthfeel that you can then recreate in the comfort of your home. How do you make those signature grooves on gnocchi? How do you best conserve them? What is the ratio between potato and flour? What kind of potatoes? Egg, or no egg?

The class will include assembling a dessert of your choice and then the best part? Dining together with a good bottle of wine!


These are the sauce accompaniments to the potato gnocchi. Do note that we'll usually make only 1 type for each class:

1) al gorgonzola piccante e noci - Italian sharp blue cheese and walnuts
2) alla crema di peperoni e ricotta - bell pepper and ricotta sauce
3) al pesto genovese - Green pesto recipe from Genova (contains pine nuts)
4) alla sorrentina - tomato sauce with fresh basil and melted mozzarella, topped with pecorino (sheep milk cheese)
5) con burro e salvia - sage and butter sauce
6) con crema di zucchine - zucchini and mint sauce
7) al ragu - minced meat and tomato sauce
8) con salsiccia, funghi e pomodori - with Italian sausage, mushroom and tomatoes
9) piselli, guanciale e pecorino - pea and pecorino cheese sauce with pork cheek
10) con gamberi e crema di zucchine - shrimps and zucchini cream
11) con pesto di ricotta e noci - ricotta and walnut pesto
12) con crema di zucca e burrata, nocciole tostate - pumpkin and burrata, garnished with roasted hazelnuts (autumnal special)
13) con crema di zucca e guanciale - pumpkin cream and pork cheek (autumnal special)
14) ai quattro formaggi - with gorgonzola, emmenthal, taleggio and provola sauce

Think gnocchi are just made with potato and flour? If you're up for trying something different, consider one of these options:
15) Gnocchi alla bava - made with buckwheat flour and paired with a fontina sauce, this recipe comes from Valle d'Aosta (North Italy)
16) Gnocchi alla romana - round discs made with semolino, milk, egg yolks and butter, baked in the oven and topped with grated cheese and nutmeg
17) Gnocchi di castagne con burro e salvia - Chestnut and plain flour gnocchi, served with butter, sage and grated Parmigiano
18) Gnocchetti Verdi - Gnocchetti (mini gnocchi) made with spinach and ricotta, served in a butter, sage and nutmeg sauce
19) Gnocchi di patate e mais con sugo al pomodoro, basilico e formaggio affumicato/stagionato - Potato and fine Italian cornmeal gnocchi, served in a tomato and basil sauce with a sharp cheese (provolone affumicato, aged pecorino - whatever we find at the market that strikes our fancy!)

For dessert, please select one of the following options:
1) Tiramisù Classico - pasteurized eggs, coffee and mascarpone (optional: Marsala)
2) Limonisù - our version of lemon tiramisù, made with a lemon-mascarpone cream (optional: homemade limoncello)
3) Dolce Tricolore - eggless; base of crushed amaretti, sweetened ricotta, homemade seasonal fruit compote (optional: pistachio liquor)
4) Torta "Black Magic" - olive oil, mascarpone and dark chocolate cake. Bakes itself up into 3 delightful layers with a creamy and mousse-like center!
5) Bicchierino di Stelle - a layered dessert comprising crushed Pan di Stelle (hazelnut cocoa cookies), milk and hazelnut liquer (optional), homemade Nutella, mascarpone and fresh cream, cocoa
6) Torta Caprese al Limone - almond flour and lemon cake made with or without white chocolate (your choice!)
7) Crostata di castagne e nocciole ripieno di ricotta - Pastry tart made with chestnut and hazelnut flours with ricotta filling, baked
8) Torta Betta - olive oil, plain flour and cornmeal pastry crust, with a ricotta, dark chocolate, fresh seasonal fruit and amaretti filling
9) Crostata di mele e nocciole - Apple tart with a hazelnut pastry base
10) Crostatina di crema pasticcera al limone e fragoline di bosco - Mini tarts topped with lemon pastry cream and wild strawberries (subject to availability)
11) Castagnaccio con ricotta al limone - Soft chestnut, rosemary, pine nut cake topped with lemon ricotta, baked (gluten-free)
12) Mousse di cioccolato e arance - Dark chocolate and orange mousse

Please let us know of any dietary specifications beforehand. I do our best to create a memorable, engaging and fun experience for our guests!


Your cooking class will be held at Taranto 136, a 7 minute walk from the Re di Roma station on the Metro A line.

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My name is Nadia. I am a professional actor with more than 20 years of industry exprerience. I was




from St Albans

We came to the Carettos hoping to learn to make gnocchi di patate as good as our Nonna Maria used to—and we did! But far more than that: we had our most convivial and delightful evening during our visit to Rome. Matteo and Nadya were fantastic hosts: warmly welcoming and deeply knowledgeable about Italian cooking. We came away, not only with the new culinary skills we had been seeking, but also with wonderful memories of a perfect evening and, we hope, two fine new friends! We cannot recommend the Carettos class too highly; it was a perfectly wonderful experience!




This experience is WAY overpriced. $84 per person to basically sit there and watch this couple cook for you and listen to them bicker with each other and them talking about themselves the entire time. We didn’t even get to make one part of the dessert, Nadia baked the entire thing and just said “we’ll give you the recipe.” Well, it’s been a week and I have received no recipes. The only “cooking” we did was roll some gnocchis. It’s nice to meet Rome locals and share a dinner, but I would not recommend this experience at all. The kitchen barely fit myself, my two travel companions, and the two hosts. I couldn’t imagine trying to fit any other people. It was not that great of an experience and I wish we had done something else that evening.



from Rome

Nadia and Matteo were very knowledgable, incredibly hospitable, and lots of fun.




My girlfriend and I took the Gnocchi Thursdays cooking class with Nadia and Matteo, and they were absolutely phenomenal. The food was incredible, and they were excellent teachers. The lesson was perfectly hands on, well planned out, and we left having learned so much more about Italian cuisine, Tiramisu, the right way to make pesto, and so much more! They were well prepared, kitchen was well stocked, and the environment was perfect. Every part of the eating experience was excellent, and was without a doubt the best food we had eaten in all of Italy. When they inevitably open up their own restaurant, we want to be their first customers. Beyond how amazing the food was, Nadia and Matteo were great hosts. They were awesome company and were very warm, inviting, friendly, funny, and hospitable. Dinner was a ton of fun and an overall amazing experience. We cannot recommend Nadia and Matteo highly enough!

Andrew Ponce

Andrew Ponce

from West Covina

EXCELLENT HOSTS!! Amazing people, these 2 are!

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$83.69 per guest


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