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Why BonAppetour?

BonAppetour is the fastest growing community marketplace of unique dining experiences in Asia and Europe. We work with talented local chefs and cooks to curate one-of-a-kind dining experiences that take travellers on off-the-beaten-path experiences. We’re talking about a traditional 6 course feast with an Italian couple in Florence, to dinners in a secret garden in Rome, a luxurious dining experience in an 18th century apartment in Paris and a traditional banquet with the original Geisha in Tokyo.

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Whether your clients are couples on honeymoon trips or getaways together, families travelling together on their annual family-bonding trips, business travellers looking for a great recreational experience with a local host, or even large groups travelling for leisure, we are here to curate the most meaningful experiences for your clients. Fill in the form below to speak to our partnerships manager.

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What your clients receive

  • Access to the one-of-a-kind dining experiences provided by hosts chosen by the BonAppetour team for the quality of food, ambiance and overall experience provided

  • Customizable menus to your dietary preferences

  • Celebrating a special occasion on your travel? Be it a birthday celebration, anniversary or even proposals, our hosts and team will be more than happy to provide additional services to make your special day truly magical.

What you receive

  • Attractive rates of commission

  • Monthly invoicing option

  • Choices of experiences in more than 80 cities around the world

  • A dedicated booking support team

  • Access to a rapidly expanding slice of hospitality and home-dining experience market

  • The chance to give your client a brand new city experience

  • Affiliate links where you can earn from linking back to us on your website

  • Freedom to choose your own pricing strategy

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Alternatively, contact our Travel partner team directly at [email protected].