Online Safety

How can I keep my account secure?

To ensure that information in your account remains safe, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Never enter your login credentials on an unsecured webpage.

  • Keep all communications and payments on BonAppetour. Your account and payments can only be safeguarded if you keep all transactions and related communications within our secure system. Refer here for more details.

  • Change your password regularly and try to use different passwords for each of your accounts (your BonAppetour account and your email account should have different passwords). We recommend that you create passwords that are at least 8-10 characters long with unique combinations of letters, symbols and numbers.

  • You should never receive an email from BonAppetour asking you to verify or confirm your password. Should you receive such an email, please report it to [email protected].

  • If you come across a suspicious account profile, listed experience or message, please notify our team at [email protected] and we will review it immediately.

Why should I communicate and pay only through BonAppetour?

The social dining industry is relatively young and its concept makes it vulnerable to risks. At BonAppetour, we have a secure system to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience.

BonAppetour provides you with a private messaging system, so that hosts and guests can talk to and learn more about the other party in the transaction. We also carry out profile verifications on both hosts and guests.

By using our site, you will be entitled to:

  • Our 24/7 customer support service

  • Reviewing or receiving reviews after enjoying your BonAppetour experience

In the event of a cancellation:

Payments not made directly through BonAppetour’s website will not have access to the benefits listed above. If someone requests that you make a payment via an alternative channel, report it to [email protected]. Refer here for further details.

What if someone requests for payment to be made off BonAppetour’s website?

BonAppetour will never request for you to pay through email. All legitimate payment transactions for BonAppetour bookings take place on our website. Do not carry out payment through email, even if the request is made from any [email protected] email address. Be wary of strange messages from users that you know as well, as their accounts may have been compromised. Report the sender to [email protected] and our staff will handle the issue for you.

You should not be receiving a PDF or paper invoice requesting for payment from BonAppetour or a host. You will only receive an email from BonAppetour with a payment receipt after you have paid for your dining experience.

Payment transactions and related communications should be made through BonAppetour to ensure that it is secure and trusted. Transactions outside of our system cannot be supported by us as there will be no record of it in our system.

Are users screened by BonAppetour?

BonAppetour performs background checks on all users who sign up on our website. We do our best to ensure that all users can enjoy our services fully.

Host experiences are also verified by BonAppetour's staff to ensure that guests will be fully satisfied with experiences booked. Host profiles that are verified are marked with a green icon with a tick, and labelled "BonAppetour Verified Host". The same green icon will appear alongside the title of their experience.

BonAppetour also provides our hosts and guests with certain features on our site to help build a trusted community. Aside from verification, we have our secure messaging system, user reviews, as well as a secure payment system. Refer to Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions for more details of the payment system.

We strive to maximise user satisfaction, and to do this, we have a dedicated and experienced team monitoring our site for any suspicious activities. Should you meet with any suspicious activity, report it to our team by sending an email to [email protected].

What do I do if my account information changed when I didn't update it?

BonAppetour values trust and safety, and user account security is a priority for us.

To ensure the safety of your account, we send you an automated email whenever you change your personal particulars, such as your email address. Please ensure that any changes made are done by you, should you receive an automated email from us. You can check your account details by logging into your account.

Please ensure that the following are accurately keyed into your account:

  • Your BonAppetour registered email

  • Your personal particulars

  • Your PayPal details

If you discover changes that you did not make yourself, please report it immediately to [email protected].

Cancellation Policy

We strive to ensure that every user is fully satisfied with their BonAppetour experiences on and off our site.

Guest cancellations:

If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest at least 48 hours prior to the applicable Food Event date, the Guest shall be reimbursed the full Reservation Amount net any Service Fee and fees paid by BonAppetour (e.g – PayPal fees), and no payment will be transferred to the Host.

If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest less than 48 hours prior to the Food Event date, the reimbursement of the sum to the guest is up to the discretion of the host.

Your Reservation shall be deemed cancelled only upon receipt of BonAppetour confirmation of your cancellation.

Host cancellations:

If a Reservation is cancelled by a Host, the Guest will receive a full refund, net the BonAppetour service fee.

The Guest will be given BonAppetour cash vouchers and the BonAppetour team will help to link the Guest up with another Host in the area