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Nasi Tumpeng - A Celebratory feast!

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Tumpeng is an Indonesian ceremonial dish that features a large cone of rice surrounded by assorted vegetables and meat. These side dishes can vary depending on the occasion and region, and each represents a different value. Tumpeng is often served on a round bamboo platter called a tampah that is covered with banana leaf. The cone shaped mountain of rice is usually made with a bamboo shaper but can also be done by hand.
This dish has significant meaning to us, originally from Javanese culture, but now widely adapted in the country. Tumpeng is typically made to celebrate a notable event, happy or otherwise or whenever we have something to say thanks about, it has to be present. Wedding, birthday, anniversaries, new year. The mounds of rice represents gold, and the many dishes surround it shows bountiful of food and luck.This dish is common in Madura, Bali, and Java. Join me to celebrate good luck, a traditional way :)

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$35.27 per guest

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