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4 Hour Mongkok Street Food Tour and Lunch/Dinner in Sai Kung

Host Fei

$84.61 per guest


Hong Kong has one of the most vibrant street food cultures in Asia, but do you know what the locals love to eat? You may see many different types of street food that you want to try out, but do you know what they are and how to order them?

My name is Vivian, I am Hong Kong native Chinese and live in the lovely Shing town of Sai Kung in the New Territories. I love to cook and am offering a chance for you to soak up our local culture by joining me on a street food hunt.

We will have lunch at my place in Sai Kung, and we will go to Mong Kok to find the best street food! If you rather have dinner instead, we will have the food tour first, before heading home for my Chinese home-cooked meal! Sai Kung is a country side area & you can see stunning view with local culture. After a nice meal, you can enjoy hiking to see the other side of HK.


While we are touring around Wan Chai, I will buy around 3 different food for you to try.
For lunch or dinner, I will cook classic Chinese dishes for you! The menu can be customized. I will change my menu every 3 months!
Minimum 4 guests. The tour and the meal will take 4 hours in total.

Lo Hei - literally "stirring up", it is a Chinese New Year dish, made from raw fish and vegetables. It is believed to bring prosperity. It is also very fun!

Fish paste stuffed with colourful capsicums and eggplants
Zheng melon with fresh lily bulbs and black fungus
Four seasons bean with minced pork
Served with steamed rice

Fresh strawberries glutinous balls


Mong Kok is the mother of all Hong Kong street food streets that is situated in the heart of Kowloon. While many tourists flock there, you need a local eye to find the cheapest and best picks on the street! It is not only a food adventure, the hustle and bustle of the busy streets is also part of the "Hong Kong experience".

My home in Sai Kung, aka Hong Kong's back garden, is further out east. Being a seaside town, Sai Kung is famous for its seafood markets and beautiful beaches. After lunch, you can walk around the area and relax by the sea! My home also has a nice backyard where you can sit and chit-chat too!

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I enjoy cooking so much and also like to meet food lovers. Love to share my cooking skills &

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$84.61 per guest

Hong Kong

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