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About BonAppetour


BonAppetour is a community marketplace that connects travelers with local home chefs for a unique home-dining experience, anywhere around the world.

Our mission is to make home-dining an integral ingredient of every remarkable travel experience. From a paella making workshop on a terrace in Barcelona, to an exquisite Italian feast with a 'nonna' in Rome and a traditional tea ceremony experience in Tokyo, you can choose from a range of unique dining experiences hosted by our carefully selected host community.

Thousands of BonAppetourists tell us again and again that their BonAppetour experience was the highlight of their trip. We can't wait to share this experience with you and millions of other travelers and guests worldwide.

Our MissionBonAppetour

BonAppetour believes in creating memorable cultural experiences through something that is common across the world - the love for food! Create, enliven, and preserve these adventures with BonAppetour.

The BonAppetour team is continuously working to expand into new countries, cities and towns to share the exquisite food prepared by warm hosts with the rest of the BonAppetour community.

Our StoryA taste of our journey

Travelling just isn’t about sightseeing.

We’ve travelled to a number of cities, walked past thousands of people. Yet there is always a feeling of disconnection, where the city and its people are one and we are just one of the many tourists briefly passing through.

Visiting the sites that tell the tales of history, roaming the streets and eating in eateries and restaurants along the way can tell a lot about a city, but this merely grazes the edges of the local community. The only way to truly immerse ourselves, we decided, would be to meet and spend time with local residents. What better way than to bond over a hearty home-cooked meal, coupled with the taste of home?

While on a backpacking trip in Scotland, we had the rare opportunity to stay in the home of a local resident. Sitting around a table piled high with Scottish fare, casual conversations flowed. From the exchange of travel experiences to the endless talks about food, it was in that time spent that we truly saw Scotland through the eyes of its people.

As much as we wanted such home dining experiences a part of every trip, we realized it was difficult to seek out these hidden gems. Sure, travel tales tell of meeting friendly residents, where friendships blossom from a simple home-cooked meal, but in truth, these encounters are few and far between. We decided then that if we couldn’t get it anywhere else, we’d have to create it ourselves and share it with a global community of like-minded people.

A little unsure of where and how to take our first step, we’d count it more than just a lucky coincidence that we met Giovanni, who now holds the position of Co-founder and CTO. He leads the technical development of our platform.

And that was it. BonAppetour was born.

So representing our community of passionate hosts and enthusiastic guests, we spread the love from humble kitchens around the world.

Welcome to BonAppetour, and join us on our journey to taste the world.

Rinita, Inez & Giovanni, Founders of BonAppetour