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Bombay Howrah Dining Car - a journey into regional Indian cuisines

Home Dining

My husband Aniruddha and I are the co-creators and chefs of the Bombay Howrah Dining Car. We were born and brought up in Mumbai, and have lived and


Enjoy traditional COOKING CLASS at Elisa's house

Cooking Classes

COOKING CLASS + DINNER AT ELISA HOUSE 4pm to 8pm booking minimum 2 days before I suggest my cooking classes for those people who like a really

Florence, Italy

Gopi's Khazana: Homely Vegetarian Delicacies

Home Dining

Grandma's Original Recipes: North Indian, Gujarati Style, Vegetarian home cooked dishes! Vegetarian Italian dishes, Mama-Mia. We have mastered it.


Home-made Malay Cuisine a la LAB Kitchen

Home Dining

Singapore, being a cultural melting pot, boasts a range of different, yet delicious and must-try dishes. Do join our family to try some scrumptious