Top Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Top Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

So, you’ve been warming the seats on the flight for the last 6 hours, have almost 13 hours more to go and feel completely restless at the moment? It’s totally fine; happens to the best of us. But, I’ll make sure that this post offers you the best of flight travel tips and tricks for all your future travel funs.

These 5 travel tips are about to change your ‘LIFE’ (a little) and are the perfect go-to tricks for all your long-haul flights.

1. The GRASS Walk:

Imagination is the key to everything awesome and that’s exactly how you shall be helping yourself here. Static positions and being just at one place will end up with cramped feet and achy legs – avoid the drama and make sure you walk a little every now and then. It’s okay to leave your seat and explore your aircraft. Everyone does it, so, why not you? Just don’t get too clumsy or create troubles for others around. As long as you can achieve them all, your walk is sure to be peaceful and relieving.


2. Carry Entertainment Along:

What’s entertainment like on a flight? A book, some music, headphones or latest editions of your favourite magazines – long flights will always be boring but this could certainly be a way to make it interesting. If you have the luxury to access in-flight cinema, then go ahead with it. Just make sure you carry your own set of earphones or headphones (Usually flights do not have good headphones and you end up hearing the flight’s engine and the people around more than the movie itself)


3. Talk (Socialize):

Yes, it is a little awkward to start a conversation with fellow passengers and even more awkward to continue the same. But, if you can work your way out on “Social Networks” then you surely can during your flight. The best way to fight time is to have a good conversation running. Wise talks, laughs, humor – just anything holds good.


4. Say NO to Time:

It is an obvious fact that we tend to check time every now and then when flying for long hours; its better you avoid it the next time you are flying. It would be even better if you avoid looking at the map that suggests your flight’s current location. Having to look at the time frequently will leave you under the impression of time running slower than it should and this can be very frustrating.


5. Carry your pamper buddies (Pillows and Blankets):

When all fails, you know you have to sleep. It is said that the best way to pass our time is by sleeping. This eventually helps you to pass time without having to look around or at the clock often and when you wake up? VOILA! You might have passed a few hours too!


I am pretty sure you liked these tips but you need to also make sure that you travel light and to do so you can use ways to Pack Smart while travelling so that you don’t end up carrying stuff you don’t really need.

Happy Flying to all!

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