Top Five Must-Eats in Barcelona

Top Five Must-Eats in Barcelona

A culinary hub like Barcelona is truly any foodie’s paradise. With such a rich culture embedded into the city and each corner you pass promising a gastronomic experience like no other, the options of food to choose from is truly endless! Not all of us are lucky enough to live in Barcelona, so here are the top five must eat dishes that you must try during your holiday in this beautiful city.  


1. Tapas

Definitely not one to be missed, Tapas sits on the top of our list as what any traveler must try during their stay in Barcelona. Traditionally served as a snack along with drinks, these small savory dishes can include things like chopitos (fried baby squid) and patatas bravas (diced and fried white potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce and/or allioli). There is strong "Tapas culture" in Barcelona, where friends chat while eating Tapas and having a drink or two. It is also a way that people make friends, through sharing Tapas at bars and restaurants. Want to make your trip even more exciting? Join our BonAppetour Host, Nani, and learn how to make your very own Tapas!


2. Paella

The quintessential Spanish dish as some would call it. The paella is a Spanish rice dish that is made with a mixture of different herbs, vegetables, and meats like chicken, seafood and even rabbit. Even though the paella did not originate from this city, there is still no excuse for you not to try the Spanish staple while you are in Barcelona. Better yet, why not try making your own with our BonAppetour host, David? Learn how to make this humble dish yourself from a local, and get true insights into the city through this unique Paella making workshop in the heart of Barcelona! 



3. Cava

The Spanish version of sparkling wine, that is made by the same method as champagne, Cava is a drink that is a must try in Barcelona. Made with grapes grown in the Catalonia region, this drink is just as delicious as champagne, but without the exorbitant price tag. Cava can be enjoyed on any occasion, from an after work drink to birthday celebrations and even weddings!


4. Canelons

Canelons are certainly a dish that is not to be missed while you are in Barcelona either. It is made by rolling up minced meat in rectangular pasta sheets, covered in a white roux (bechamel) sauce and cheese. This is savory dish is a classic in Catalan cuisine that can be easily found in restaurants throughout Barcelona. Simple, yet absolutely delicious, Catalan canelons are certainly not to be missed in Barcelona.


5. Crema Catalana

A very traditional dessert to the region, the Crema Catalana is very similar to the Creme Brulee. With an added citrus zest and cinnamon in its custard (which unlike the Creme Brulee, is predominantly vanilla in flavor), comes together to produce a tangy yet sweet treat. This is a dessert that definitely cannot be missed for all the sweet tooths out there who will surely enjoy this creamy and rich treat.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you should try during your stay in Barcelona. With a reputation as one of Europe’s biggest gourmet food hubs, the options of what to eat here are truly endless. Did we miss out on any dish on this list? Do let us know what are some dishes that you think are must eats in Barcelona in the comments below!

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