Home Chefs Around the World Tell us Why they Cook for Strangers

Home Chefs Around the World Tell us Why they Cook for Strangers

We spoke to our BonAppetour hosts about why they chose to cook traditional dishes for travelers who wanted to eat with locals.



Florence: “My family has been living in Paris for two centuries. My grandmother and my mother passed on to me the taste and the practice of traditional French cuisine. I like to add to it a touch of modernity. I've been cooking for my family and friends since my twenties and nothing makes me more happy than to share my passion for cooking”


Sandra: “Since my teens, I've been told that I can cook well. I have a strong passion for cooking, and I look forward to have the opportunity to share my food, with different people from all over the world. Also, to use this social dining experience as a chance to share some interesting stories together.”


Benedicte: “In love with my city I'd like to share a little bit of the Parisian life with guests from around the world”



Pamela: “Originally from Italy I’ve lived in Barcelona since 1999. I have travelled all over the world in order to experience and get to know other cultures, so I’d love to offer the same chances to visitors of Barcelona.”

David & Yuki: “For us, cooking is about telling a story, one of the most important features is generosity. What we love about receiving travellers at home is sharing a nice chat with people from different backgrounds during a cozy meal and sipping a nice Catalan wine together.” 


Teresa: “I have been all over the world and it is always nice to meet people, the best thing is enjoying a good meal with them. So I want to show you food from where I grew up in Barcelona. My Mum was the person who gave me my love for cooking; after that, the world, life and travel, did the rest.”




Alessandro: “I'm a true Roman living very near the Vatican City I've always had a passion for cooking, though I studied and practiced law for a while. I learnt cooking by watching my grandmother, Iolanda and my mother Maria Pia. As a child, I loved experimenting in the kitchen.

It is always a pleasure to cook for guests. I find it relaxing, rewarding and I am always happy when guests love my dishes. I love to experiment with new recipes, starting, by tradition, and then adding a modern touch to it, or even designing completely new delicacies!”

Simona: “It was impossible not to have a passion for cooking if you grew up in a typical Neapolitan family, with two grandmothers and a mother who prepared homemade pasta.  My own kitchen is focused on typical dishes of Neapolitan and Roman tradition. Now I want to share my passion with new people, opening the doors of my home to tourists visiting Rome or anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of tradition in a different way, in a more casual and comfortable atmosphere. I have a degree in law, many years of so-called "normal" jobs behind but when I wake up in the morning and I know I have to organize a dinner I feel happy! Food is culture, tradition and passion!”

Francesca: “It's every time nice sharing our cultures and knowledge and improve my english at the same time too”



Regina: I believe that it is important to live a full and authentic life, enjoy new experiences and be true to yourself, by doing what you love. Cooking is an expression of my love for my family, friends, and the good life we have been blessed with.

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Spanish Delicacies to Try in Each Region

Spanish Delicacies to Try in Each Region

Spain is one of Europe’s best holiday destinations, home to a vast array of historical sites, world-class museums, and pristine beaches. Perhaps this mélange of spectacular attractions and activities is what makes Spain holidays such a joy for all visitors. But whether you’re a beach bum relaxing on the golden sand, an art fan perusing the works of Picasso and Míro, or a history buff strolling ancient Roman walls, one thing everyone is certain to enjoy is Spain’s delicious food. Here are just a few dishes that you should be sure to taste on your next Iberian adventure.


It seems like every region in Spain claims Paella as being a local dish, but if you ask those in the know, it is Valencia where this tasty rice based platter first came to fame in the mid-19th Century. The traditional Valencian Paella is made with local white rice, chicken, rabbit, and vegetables. The seafood version is also popular, and includes white rice, scallops, langoustines, calamari, and a mix of others seafood.


One of Catalunya’s famous dishes, Escalivada is found along the central and northern Mediterranean coast of Spain, and is made from a mix of aubergine, bell peppers, olive oil, onions, tomatoes, minced garlic and salt. Escalivada is often served alongside tapas plates, when it is used as a garnish for tuna, anchovies, olives, and coca (Catalunyan flat bread).

Tortilla Española

While we may call it a Spanish omlette in English, the tortilla Española is far from a breakfast dish, and is instead served as a tapa, or occasionally a main course. The dish primarily consists of eggs and potatos, but variations also include onions, peppers and other vegetables. The appearance and consistency is closer to a quiche than an English omelette.

Cocido Madrileño

This dish from the capital, Madrid, provides diners with a seriously hearty meal, and can most closely be related to a stew. Made from a base of chickpeas, the variety of added ingredient include potato, cabbage, carrots, and turnips, as well as pork belly, chorizo, beef shank, and jamon serrano. Don’t be surprised if you see this dish refilled multiple times, as each service must be emptied entirely to keep the mix of ingredients just right.

Polbo á Feira

From the north-western region of Galicia comes the tasty polbo á feira, a perfectly cooked octopus dish that has a consistency akin to the best-cooked al dente pasta. These succulent and curly morsels of tentacle are sprinkled with sea salt and the local pemento picante before being served. The best provinces for tasting polbo á feira are Ourense and Lugo.

So while you may be heading to Spain for a variety of other reasons, you’ll quickly discover that the chorizo, seafood, paella, and tapas dishes make the trip an especially tasty one.

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Top Five Must-Eats in Barcelona

Top Five Must-Eats in Barcelona

A culinary hub like Barcelona is truly any foodie’s paradise. With such a rich culture embedded into the city and each corner you pass promising a gastronomic experience like no other, the options of food to choose from is truly endless! Not all of us are lucky enough to live in Barcelona, so here are the top five must eat dishes that you must try during your holiday in this beautiful city.  


1. Tapas

Definitely not one to be missed, Tapas sits on the top of our list as what any traveler must try during their stay in Barcelona. Traditionally served as a snack along with drinks, these small savory dishes can include things like chopitos (fried baby squid) and patatas bravas (diced and fried white potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce and/or allioli). There is strong "Tapas culture" in Barcelona, where friends chat while eating Tapas and having a drink or two. It is also a way that people make friends, through sharing Tapas at bars and restaurants. Want to make your trip even more exciting? Join our BonAppetour Host, Nani, and learn how to make your very own Tapas!


2. Paella

The quintessential Spanish dish as some would call it. The paella is a Spanish rice dish that is made with a mixture of different herbs, vegetables, and meats like chicken, seafood and even rabbit. Even though the paella did not originate from this city, there is still no excuse for you not to try the Spanish staple while you are in Barcelona. Better yet, why not try making your own with our BonAppetour host, David? Learn how to make this humble dish yourself from a local, and get true insights into the city through this unique Paella making workshop in the heart of Barcelona! 



3. Cava

The Spanish version of sparkling wine, that is made by the same method as champagne, Cava is a drink that is a must try in Barcelona. Made with grapes grown in the Catalonia region, this drink is just as delicious as champagne, but without the exorbitant price tag. Cava can be enjoyed on any occasion, from an after work drink to birthday celebrations and even weddings!


4. Canelons

Canelons are certainly a dish that is not to be missed while you are in Barcelona either. It is made by rolling up minced meat in rectangular pasta sheets, covered in a white roux (bechamel) sauce and cheese. This is savory dish is a classic in Catalan cuisine that can be easily found in restaurants throughout Barcelona. Simple, yet absolutely delicious, Catalan canelons are certainly not to be missed in Barcelona.


5. Crema Catalana

A very traditional dessert to the region, the Crema Catalana is very similar to the Creme Brulee. With an added citrus zest and cinnamon in its custard (which unlike the Creme Brulee, is predominantly vanilla in flavor), comes together to produce a tangy yet sweet treat. This is a dessert that definitely cannot be missed for all the sweet tooths out there who will surely enjoy this creamy and rich treat.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you should try during your stay in Barcelona. With a reputation as one of Europe’s biggest gourmet food hubs, the options of what to eat here are truly endless. Did we miss out on any dish on this list? Do let us know what are some dishes that you think are must eats in Barcelona in the comments below!

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