Travelling in Paris With Kids? Do More – Here’s how

Travelling in Paris With Kids? Do More - Here's how

Paris is known for being a city of romance, culture, literature, but not always as a child-friendly one. However, after some research, we have found a few places that your kids will love! Have a hassle-free trip and let the attractions be the nanny for the day!

1. Teach your kids important life skills: Cooking!

Take your kids alongs to a french cooking class in Paris. It's an off-the-beath-path experience for all the family where you get to enjoy fresh, local French delicacies made by your own hands! And who knows, perhaps your little ones will open their own michelin star restaurants one day! 

2. Palais de la Decouverte 
Palais de la Decouverte is a science museum that opens daily, except Monday. Established in 1937 during an international exhibition, and since then the French government has expanded it into a 25,000 square metre museum, containing exhibits for mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, and biology, featuring experiments with commentaries by lecturers. There are countless of interactive instalments that will amaze both you and your kids. From colour paint splattering on a spherical wall to neon shadows, it's an opportunity for fun learning that has to be seized! 

2. Disneyland Paris 
Now what would this list be worth if we didn't mention Disneyland? This is a destination that does not require any form of persuasion. A dream wonderland for all children, and even some teenagers…

3. Fat Tire Paris 
This is an activity that I will highly recommend for you and your family.
Started out in 1999, Fat Tire Paris has reinvented ways to tour the city. Fun, easy and stress-free. It allows you to stop worrying about how to get from one attraction to the other. Fat Tire Paris offers fascinating stories, countless photo opportunities and much more. 

4. Paris by mouth food tours 
Paris by mouth is a ‘definitive blog on the city's food and wine scene’ (Huffington post). Tours are lead by English-speaking food & wine professionals who have a strong passion for food in Paris. Paris by mouth focuses on personalization, hence tours are handled in small groups so that it is also easy for you to manage your children and not get easily lost. 

5. Natural History Museum 
The Natural History Museum, one that is similar to the one seen in Night in the museum. With huge exoskeletons of dinosaurs, blue whales and other wonders from noah’s ark, it will be a great day to immerse yourself in history and go crazy with the instalments. 

6. Pompidou centre
The Pompidou centre is a building that was designed with modern architecture, seemingly promoting a very fun environment through the use of rack-like levels and a long travelator connecting one level to another on the outside, shaped like a tube. Housing the Public Information library,  also known as the Bibliotheque publique d’information, the Musée National d’Art Moderne is also the largest museum of modern art in Europe. With the countless amounts of opportunities available for you to experience, you and your family will never be bored! 

7. Shakespeare & Company bookstore
The Shakespeare and Company bookstore is a boutique bookstore where you can bring your family to visit, pick out some books to buy and just bask in the genuinity of the store and how they pay so much attention to the little details. There are storytelling sessions available for your children as well as customization of books where you can add a spray of scent, a poem, a picture and lots more. Spend your time here after your lunch or dinner to slowly sieve through the books and find some hidden gems. 

8. Jardin du Luxembourg 
The Jardin du Luxembourg is known to many as a beautiful park with a great playground for children, a fountain pond for sailing boats, a marionette theater with puppet shows where your children can sit around and have a good laugh and an old fashioned carousel that even you as adults can sit on and enjoy. This is a garden where you can discover what it feels like to be a child growing up in Paris 

9.Parc de la Villette 
Another thing Paris is known for is its large parks, where you will often witness locals with their colourful picnic mats and sun hats. Parc de la Villette is the third-largest park in Paris whose design was picked out of 450 proposals and made in such a way as to to cultivate a wandering heart and sense of adventure to discover all the different sites at the park. Some features include the largest science museum in Europe, IMAX theatre, a concert arena, an outdoor cinema theatre where annual film festivals are held and much more! Go explore for yourself to find out more 😉

10. The Jardin d'Acclimatation
A 20-hectare children’s amusement park with museums for you to explore! An attraction not to miss out on with your family. 


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A Parisian Affair with Wine: The Best Wine Bars in Paris

A Parisian Affair with Wine: The Best Wine Bars in Paris

When you think of Paris, you think of the City of love, fashion, literature and producer of the world’s finest wines. To find out how France become one of the world's largest producer of wines, we would have to go back to over 2600 years. The Romans came to know aobut viticulture and wanted to spread it throughout the country. It has since then become well known in regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Loire Valley. With years of experience, France have become a master of the field. Producing wines such as Chardonnay, Château Barreyres and much more. Wine bars in France provide the perfect bridge between the rich history, culture and social significance to Parisians everyday life.There are countless wine bars in Paris that offer you the opportunity to get to try some of these amazing wines from red, white to champagne without having to pay for the whole bottle and at the same time be able to try a whole range of other wines prepared by wine enthusiasts and experts. 

They say one of life's simple pleasures is drinking good wine paired with good food in good company. 


Tours de Cuisine – La Cave à Vincent

Head over to the buzzing 11th district for a mesmirising wine tasting session in Paris. Not only do you get to sample the best wines in France, but you will come away a conoisseur- learning how to pair wine with different dishes. there's certainly more to it than just red or white! 

Willi’s Wine Bar 

This French-themed bar is run by a man named Mark Williamson, who opened it in the 1980s. He has cultivated a culture around food and wine. In the words of The Guardian ‘Mark Williams, […] has probably had a bigger influence on what Parisians drink today than almost anyone else.'  The food is cooked to perfection and the man behind the counter, sometimes Mark himself, will be there to offer you the best wine pairings with your food. The atmosphere, food, and wine is absolutely sublime. Wine tasting and vegetarian options are also available. 

l'Ecluse Grands Augustins

In the heart of historical Paris, near Notre Dame and the Place St Michel, you will see a wine bar with a royal blue canapy. L'Ecluse is known for serving absolutely divine Bordeaux wine, so if you would like to try some come on down! Order some food along with the server's recommendation of wine for that day and sit on the terrace that offers an amazing view of the Notre Dame. 

Le Baron Rouge 

Le Baron Rouge is a bar where all the locals after working hours flock to. Why you might ask? This wine bar is a place where you can quench your thirst with good quality vintage wine. The walls are covered in bottles and barrels from top to bottom to mark the bar as a space devoted to the glory of wine. However, this makes it difficult to move about in the bar, which is why all these blue-collar Parisians stand outside of the bar. 

Verjus Wine Bar 

Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian the owners of Verjus, initially started out as a highly-regarded dinner place called the Hidden Kitchen. Known for their bold, elegant, a la mode American cooking that has been the talk of the town for several years and hasn't died down yet. They later expanded in the year 2012, and have included a charming wine bar that is both cosy and stylish, located just beneath the restaurant. Verjus offers an updated monthly menu, so be prepared to be wowed every time you visit. From scandinavian-inspired trout to tender ink duck breast with rich crisp golden skin, everything tastes absolutely sublime… not to mention the wine that they serve which is absolutely divine.


Albion is a wine bar that has an underground wine cellar and geometric wooden wine racks that line the walls of the restaurant. Albion’s menu changes weekly and is paired with a weekly list of wines to choose from, starting at as little as €4 a glass. Starting off with Russian-inspired salads to mains such as the cod fillet accompanied with chard, apples, walnuts and spiced chutney.

If you have been to any other wine bars and believe they are one of the best in Paris, leave a comment below! We would love to hear about it! 

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Travelling to Paris: An Essential Guide

Travelling to Paris: An Essential Guide

When we are planning a trip to any random city across the globe, we often get excited about the pictures or the things we read about that destination. And some cities unfortunately disappoint us once we get there and fail to meet our expectations that we set for ourselves prior to our departure.

Paris is probably one of those cities that never fails to upset, a city that truly lives up to and often exceeds expectations.

Here is an essential guide worth taking a look at when travelling to Paris.

Mingle with the locals

French locals will know all the must-do activities in Paris. “But how do I meet locals in France?” I hear you say.

Well, you could jump into french cooking classes in Paris, or eat with locals in Paris. Food is a great way to bring cultures together, and you will have a wonderful excuse to get a wealth of insider knowledge about the French capital.

Also, contrary to popular belief, most Parisians actually speak English – particularly younger people. But if you do bump into a Parisian that only speaks French, Google translate will always be there for you.

Be the stylish you

Paris, being the fashion capital that it is, the locals there dress very stylishly, hence why it is also important to bring more stylish clothes. Or alternatively, you could just buy all your clothes there.

Slow down and enjoy

When going to the parks to enjoy the Paris sun, bear in mind that they generally do not have any benches, but what they have are chairs which are of course free to use. So go to the nearest pick up point of chairs and get one for yourself, open up your picnic basket, enjoy the afternoon breeze and local chatter in the park.

Music is in the air

Paris is also widely known for its music, from the language, lyrics to the way it is sung, be prepared to join in the throng on the streets of Paris if you happen to visit Paris during one of the major music festivals that take place so often in Paris!

Navigate the maze

There are countless of narrow streets in Paris, it is very easy to get lost, so look out for where you are going at all times! Identify the street you are on by either the name or the corner cafe. If not, Google Maps is another fantastic way to get around.

Shopping heaven

Bring your credit card and make sure you request from your bank that you will be able to purchase items overseas with your card so that you can shop with no worries

Take lots of photos

An art hub and source of inspiration for many artists, there are so many museums which you can visit, so bringing your camera is a must.

Take public transport

Taxis in Paris are infamous. However, to drive a cab in Paris you do not necessarily need to know how to drive properly or know your way around, so I suggest you take the Metro and at the same time experience all the different quirks of taking the metro like a local and the people you will meet there.

Embrace the night

For those of you who have watched Midnight in Paris, you will know that Paris is a city for night owls, so much night life! Be sure not to miss out!

You are now ready to take on Paris! If there are any other tips we have missed out, do let us know in the comments below.

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On A Budget? Here Are 10 Free Things to Do in Paris

On A Budget? Here Are 10 Free Things to Do in Paris

Did you know that Paris was initially called the City of light, as it was one of the first cities in Europe to adopt gas street lighting during the Age of Enlightenment? Walking down the river Seine soon became a romantic affair amongst the Parisian population and slowly people from all walks of life came to Paris, hence the arrival of Paris' other nickname: the City of Love!

Aside from the main attraction of Paris, to add extra french flair to your Parisian adventure, plan your trip to coincide with one of these occasional festival freebies:

La Fete de La Musique 

La Fete de La Musique, also commonly known as Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration that takes place on the 21st of June. Originating from the streets of Paris in 1982, it has since then become a worldwide phenomenon. 

This free festival features concerts taking place in theatres, bars, on street corners, in parks and even serenading folks whilst balancing on the edge of their apartment window. Join the throng and by a stroke of serendipity let it lead you to a show. 

Galeries Lafayette 

Paris being one of the major cities for fashion, fashion shows are something that happens very often. However not everyone gets a chance as tickets are almost impossible to obtain for those of us who are not part of the fashion industry or press world. 

But, here is your chance! Galeries Lafayette, an upmarket French departmental store, organises a free fashion show every week on a Friday. However, seating is limited and advanced reservations and confirmations are required in order for you to secure a seat! 

La Nuit Blanche

Paris – City of love, fashion, literature and last but not least a music treasure trove. Inspired by St Pertersburg’s ‘White Nights’ where night is almost indistinguishable from day, La Nuit Blanche is a free dusk ‘till dawn carnival. Where the city blossoms on a autumn night into a comely harvest of art, music and theatrical events.

Parc de la Villette

Another thing Paris is known for is its large parks where you will often witness locals with their colourful picnic mats and sun hats. Parc de la Villette is the third largest park in Paris whose design was picked out of 450 proposals. I has been made in a way to cultivate a wandering heart and sense of adventure to discover all the different sites at the park. Some features include the largest science museum in Europe, IMAX theatre, a concert arena, an outdoor cinema theatre where annual film festivals are held and much more! Go explore for yourself to find out more 😉

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is no typical park. Inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence, the gardens cover over 25 hectares and is split into French and English gardens. In between the gardens lie a geometric forest and large pond where you can have a picnic! The Jardin du Luxembourg is not only an attraction but educational, where there is an apiary for you to learn about bee-keeping. A garden with over 106 statues, activities and facilities for children such as puppet shows, rides and slides and for the adults there is chess, tennis, bridge as well as remote control boats you can sail into the large pond. Definitely a fun and non-costly way of spending your afternoon in Paris.

Musee l’art Moderne de la ville de paris 

Musee l’art Moderne de la ville de paris is one of my personal favourites. With over 10000 contemporary and modern art works, it presents us with a wealth of artistic creation as well as monographic and thematic exhibitions of trends in today’s art. Never a dull moment in this exhibition, for most of the art work is spilling with colour and acts as a faucet of inspiration. 

Parc des buttes – chaumont 

A plethora of opportunities to indulge in park life is something Paris offers from Jardin du Luxembourg to Parc de la Vlilette. This next park is often missed by weekenders who are not keen on straying too far off the typical attraction spots. Parc des butteschaumont is definitely something off the beaten path and worth taking a stroll around on an afternoon in Paris. From meandering paths, waterfalls, temples, vertical cliffs and last but not least a hangout place after your stroll that is open till midnight and gives you a stunning view of the city below. 

Place des Vosges 

A graceful and charming square garden, with beautiful symmetrical fountains placed at all four corners of the square and a serene green oasis surrounded by rows and rows of red brick houses that feeds the aesthetic appeal. Place des Vosges is also a place of great historical value as it is the same place as where the medieval royal palace used to stand. An absolute pleasure to visit and an ideal place to sit back, relax and sip some wine. 

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris 

If you have watched the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this is the place you should visit to see the famous frightening gargoyles as well as spectacular view of Paris. The Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most visited sites in Paris, recording over 14 million visitors in one year alone. This Cathedral is known for its subtle balance of architecture and design. Like how asymmetrical elements are being introduced in order to avoid monotony and in line with the standard Gothic style. Notre Dame being very much in the heart of Paris, it is a very easy and cost free attraction to visit. 

Musee de la Vie Romantique

Paris is given the name as the City of Love for a reason. In Paris, Romanticism was an artistic movement and fed inspiration to countless of artists and writers from Europe. In the early 1830s, Dutch painter Ary Scheffer transformed his beautiful home, Hôtel Scheffer-Renan, into a salon. Which was later visited by many artists such as George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Eugène Delacroix, Franz Liszt whose artwork is hung up in the museum.
The museum actually organises temporary exhibitions, concerts, book readings and children activities. And for those of you who are planning your trip from March through October, the museum opens up its tearoom in the garden’s greenhouse. A beautiful sight indeed, sipping tea and crunching on local snacks on a patio with friends both old and new. Definitely something to look forward to. 

Know of any other attractions and places you can go to for free? Comment in the section below. I would love to hear about them!

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