Amazing Recipes to Make in the Microwave

Amazing Recipes to Make in the Microwave

You are probably familiar with using your microwave to heat up leftovers or even ready-meals. But the microwave is perhaps one of the most understated appliances in your kitchen. You can actually prepare a simple meal and even some of your favourite sweets using only the microwave! Perfect for busy people who want their food fast!

Here are some foods you can try making with your microwave!

1. Steamed egg

Steamed eggs will have a smoother texture when prepared using a hot water bath over the stove but using a microwave will give you decent results too! Check out this recipe for microwave steamed eggs under 5 minutes!

2. Mac n cheese

This is not a ready-meal mac n cheese from the grocery store. It really is a bowl mac n cheese prepared from scratch and prepared only using the microwave! This recipe is proof that it can be done.

3. Egg fried rice in a mug

Who says you need a frying pan and stove to make fried rice? With a microwave, you can make egg fried rice in a mug!

4. Chocolate cake in a mug

Want your chocolate fix fast? Use the microwave and you can have your cake and eat it too (in a mug) in under 5 minutes! This recipe will show you how. 

5. Caramel custard

Satisfy your craving for pudding fast by making caramel custard in your microwave! If you prefer, you can use a mug too! Note that if you want your pudding cold, you have to let it chill in the refrigerator. Thisis definitely an easy dessert to impress at dinner parties.

6. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie

So what if Halloween is long gone? Pumpkins are just too yummy! This is perfect for those times where you want a cookie without having to make a whole batch of them (because let's face it, you will end up eating all of them). Make a single pumpkin chocolate chip cookie in the microwave! You will be able to eat your cookie in no time!

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