Food Bites: Falafel

Food Bites: Falafel

What is round, golden, crispy and tasty?

Why, we are referring to the falafel of course! Flavourful and nutritious, this Middle Eastern dish also packs a nutritious punch, for it are high in protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre.  

Origins: Shrouded In Mystery

The origins of this well-loved dish is shrouded in mystery. It is widely believed to have originated in Egypt, and created as a substitute for meat during the Lent Festival. Later on, the dish was introduced to the Levant region, where the locals used chickpeas instead of fava beans as the main ingredient for the dish.

Falafel Recipes: A Myriad of Ideas

Start off your culinary adventures by making the falafel from scratch. Whiz the ingredients together to form a smooth paste, round them into little balls, drop the falafel balls into a pan and fry them until they turn into a beautiful shade of golden brown.

With a tray of scrumptious falafel balls on hand, you may take a leaf out of Jamie Oliver’s cooking book by making a delicious falafel wrap with grilled vegetables and salsa. If you are not quite in the mood for having a toasty wrap, why not try your hand at putting together a falafel sandwich? After all, this is a quick and easy dish to put together, and it requires only a handful of ingredients to prepare.

If you are racking your brains over what to bring for a fun-filled potluck gathering, perhaps a falafel and hummus mezze platter may serve as the perfect sharing dish. Otherwise, a hearty falafel burger may do the trick, for it will certainly satisfy guests with a healthy appetite.

Self-professed health junkies will be delighted to follow this wholesome baked falafel salad to a T, starting from the process of preparing the falafel balls, to whipping up a light tahini and dill dressing sauce before tossing these ingredients together with fresh greens.

If you need a more substantial meal, go generous with the carbs by cooking up a dish of spaghetti with falafel balls.

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Image credits: Food People Want, Food52, Dishmaps

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