Savoury Pancakes Around the World

Savoury Pancakes Around the World

Pancakes do not always have to be sweetened or accompanied with sweet toppings. While some of us prefer them as a sweet treat, there are others who would rather have savoury fillings with their pancakes.

For those who love savoury flavours, here are some pancakes from around the world you will want to try during your travels!   

1. Italy  

Farinata, a savoury pancake from Italy, is made from chickpea flour, water, salt and olive oil and is baked before serving. Vegetables such as onions and rosemary can be added to the batter before it is cooked in the oven. This pancake is a traditional Ligurian street food snack and are suitable for vegans to consume so anyone can enjoy them! Try a home-cooked version with our Italian host, Larrycette!

2. India

Dosa is a paper-thin crepe that is a dietary staple in southern India. It is made from a batter comprising rice and black lentils, which is left to ferment before it is fried. Savoury dips such as curry, red chutney and coconut chutney typically accompany a serving of this pancake. There are different varieties of dosa around and one of the most popular variation is the Masala dosa, which is filled with spices, chilli, onions and potatoes before it is rolled and served. 

3. Korea

In Korea, pancakes are known as 'jeon' and they can be eaten as a side dish or street food snack. They can come with a great variety of fillings whether it is seafood, kimchi, chicken or scallions, which are coated in a batter of flour and egg before being pan fried. A tangy-savoury sauce typically accompanies the pancake dish, which can be eaten at any time of the day. 

4. Japan

Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake, that translates as 'grilled as you like it'. The batter used varies from region to region but is typically comprised of flour, yam, water, cabbage and spring onions. Any ingredient can be added to the mix, be it meat, seafood, cheese and even udon or yakisoba so there is really a lot of room for creativity with this pancake dish.  

5. Germany

Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes, are a popular street food snack in Germany. It is made from with grated potatoes, flour, eggs and onions and can be accompanied with a savoury dip such as garlic sauce or with a sweet applesauce. You will not only find these potato pancakes sold at street food vendors but also at restaurants and even in a German household!

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