Breakfasts Around The World

Breakfasts Around The World

Ever wondered about what people have for their most important meal of the day all around the world? Who knew that breakfast would give you such a taste for traveling…

1. England

A traditional English breakfast would consist of bacon, poached or scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast with butter, sausages and baked beans. Black pudding and hash browns are usually thrown into the mix as well. Next time you're in London, be sure to stop by Camille's for a delicious breakfast!

2. Japan

Japanese usually start their day with a bowl of steaming hot rice with side dishes such as baked salmon fillet, miso soup, egg rolls, pickles, and coffee or tea. Sometimes, they might eat their rice with Natto, which is fermented soybeans with a pungent smell. A raw egg or spring onion is mixed in with the natto and rice to create a gooey mixture.

3. Central Mainland China

Breakfast may come in the form of a bowl of noodles, jiaozi(dumplings), or egg pancakes with spring onion. Various kinds of Baos(buns) such as Xiaolongbao  may be eaten too.

4. Pakistan

A Pakistani breakfast, called nashta, consists of a meat based curry served with rice or roti (bread) such as naan, shermaal with tea or lassi and fresh seasonal fruits like bananas, melons, and mangos.

5. Peru

A Peruvian breakfast is usually a hearty one because traditionally it is the source of energy for a hard day's labor in the fields. A typical breakfast consists of slices of bread and rolls, cheese, eggs, and fruits. This is all usually accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or tea.

6. Italy

The classic Italian breakfast consists of a cup of cappuccino and a butter croissant. Italians may also eat other pastries but the cappuccino is only reserved for breakfast and not any other meals. Next time you're in Italy, try having breakfast at a local's! In Rome, Emma would be happy to show you the Roman way for breakfast ! 

7. Philipines

The Filipinos love their food and can have up to seven meals a day. The usually start their day with rice, an egg (sunny-side-up), pork strips, beef jerky and/or salted fish. They may sometimes substitute their white rice with a more flavourful fried rice.

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