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Illusion menu: nothing is what it looks like (trampantojos)

Host Rico & Irene

$55.79 per guest

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Start time

Usually at 20h, but if most of guests want, it can change


3 hours

Group size

2 up to 10

Class language

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan


ART is the food we cook: A combination of 6 dishes made with fresh and high-end products to satisfy the most capricious palate. They will be a Spanish dishes with a modern touch and fusion taste.
ART is the plates we use: The ceramics where our plates are settle are handmade and designed by ourselves with the aim of offering gustatory and visual pleasure to our guests. Each ceramic is different because our plates are unics.
ART is the place where we live. Our home is settle in the house of a popular Castillan painter, so you will see his art all over the walls. We love art.


*We are dedicated to using seasonal produce and mixing it up, so our dinner menu is constantly evolving and changing. As an example, you can eat:
Nothing it is what it looks like. 4 dishes of our menu made to play with you. They look one thing, but when you taste it, you will realize it is some food really different.
So, we won't tell you the real menu, but it will look likes a:
1) strawberry ice-cream. But, what it will be?
2) chocolat and white cream cup. But it tastes different.
3) chocolate coulant. But it is not.
4) soup. No, we will not end the menu with a soup. Don't worry.

Do you dare it?


We life in between Macarena church and Cathedral

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Rico & Irene

Rico & Irene

Estamos Enrollados

Estamosenrollados y nos mola hacerlo en la cocina are Rico and Irene. Rico is a professional chef




from Valladolid

Estos chicos son los anfitriones perfectos. No sólo el ambiente y la conversación son estupendos, si no que además la comida es un auténtico lujo, una experiencia culinaria de altísimo nivel, realizada con talento, cariño y dedicación. Recomendable al 100%. ¡Ojo! con la vajilla, elaborada por esta pareja de artistas.



from Valladolid

Sin duda la gran formación y talento del cocinero hacen las delicias de cualquier comensal, además de una presentación exquisita y muy original, sin duda lo recomiendo en vuestras visitas a Barcelona, un 10

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